Sunday, March 15, 2015

Beauty Week at Whole Foods Bedford

I am a big fan of Instagram. I find that with being as busy as I am, the only Social Media site that I can continuously keep up with is Instagram. Last week as I was browsing I saw an event for ice cream sundaes at our local Whole Foods in Bedford, Massachusetts' Instagram and my interest was piqued. I commented on the photo and soon after Whole Foods contacted me to see if I was interested in other events at their store. Right away, I was incredibly impressed with a local business who stays on top of their Social Media so that its customers can feel like they are being heard.

I of course was excited to hear more from the store so they filled me in. This upcoming week starting on March 18th, the Whole Foods in Bedford is having a Beauty Week. Events included are a Natural Look Make-Up class, Beauty week bag sale, an event with "The Wholesome Foodie" and finally Beauty smoothies.

To get ready for the event Whole Foods sent me a beauty basket to try out some of their products.

Now if you know me, I am not a "beauty person". But one of the reasons I feel that way as I am not a fan of putting chemicals on my skin, so I found this a great opportunity to try some products out and possibly share with you all some ideas if you feel the same way.

There were a few things in the basket that I really liked and my skin seemed to agree with as well. The first thing I pulled out was the One-Step Cleanser & Toner from Weleda.

In the past I have used Mary Kay products and always felt like my face was burning when I cleaning my face at night. This product had a similar application as a product that I loved minus the effect it had on my skin. The Weleda Cleanser & Toner on the other hand did not burn my skin nor did it leave a smell that bothered me as many beauty products do. Instead it left me feeling as if my face was very clean, something I definitely need after some of my workouts. I followed it up with Weleda's Evening Primrose Age Revitalizing Night Cream.

This was a product I would have never purchased on my own, but I loved how soft it made my skin feel and again no strong scents that would keep me up all night. I woke up the next morning and again my face still felt soft. This is something new for me as I NEVER wear any products on my face, especially to bed, but I was pleasantly happy with this finding.

The last product that I found incredibly usedful was Weleda's Skin Food.

To say that the Skin Food was a necessity is an understatement. I have had incredibly dry skin, especially my hands this past month. My husband has also been complaining that his knuckles have been bleeding from his dry skin the past few weeks. That same night we both applied the Skin Food to our hands and just like the face cream you could immediately feel a difference in the softness in our skin. I looked forward to seeing how well my skin felt in the morning and again they continued to stay smooth. My husband's skin was still a bit chapped in the morning so I suggested next time maybe he apply a bit extra which seemed to help the next night.

So as an unexperienced "Beauty Blogger" I have to give the Weleda products from Whole Foods two thumbs up. If you are like me and are afraid to put products on your skin but know that you need something due your insane amount of working out or whatever may be, I would recommend taking a peek at their website or at your Whole Foods to take a look for yourself.

So, I know this was a local post for those of us in Massachusetts, but I would definitely check with your local Whole Foods to see what events they may have coming up. And keep up with your local businesses on their Social Media outlets, you learn so much more by just making a simple comment and staying in touch!

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