Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Ironman Week & VOMax Sponsored Athlete

Seriously, how did this year fly by so fast?!  I signed up for Ironman Lake Placid just over a year ago and guess what is this weekend?  Oh my goodness I am going to be racing an Ironman in five days!

For the first time in a long time, I am enjoying taper like you wouldn't believe.  I am feeling rested and ready to race.  I have quite a bit of anxiety, but I think I am handling the stress of an upcoming race quite well.  Yesterday, I spent the day cleaning my house.  I called it nesting, and my husband informed me that I should be resting not nesting so today I am sitting.  I have my lists written for all my bags and will get my packing done tomorrow.  Emails have been sent to my coach and texts have been flying to my friend doing the race.  So lots of nervous energy, but I think I am finally getting excited.

Something that really helped my excitement was that I got to race this past weekend!  I received an entry for the Iron Girl sprint triathlon through my work as Athleta was a sponsor of the event.  When I received the entry I wasn't sure if I would actually do the race.  After a rough final month of training, I was so excited to hear that I could race the Iron Girl.

I will do a race report after my Ironman, but I will say that it went pretty well.  I wasn't as fast as I was last year at the same race, but I did still grab 1st in my age group.  I wasn't expecting a fast race as my runs lately have been slow.  My run was by far my worst part of the day, but this was expected.  I am trained to do a long distance triathlon, not a sprint triathlon.  It was a great warmup for next week and gave me the confidence that I am getting rested and am in great shape for a good race next week.

The Iron Girl also gave me a chance to represent my new sponsor for the first time.  I am now a sponsored athlete for VOMax.  VOMax makes custom cycling, triathlon, running, and nordic gear. Their products remain like-new after washing and are made of an anti-microbial performance technology that prevents offensive odors.  You can fully customize your VOMax performance apparel with your own artwork for team and event use.

I spent a few months this summer searching for triathlon gear as this runner had nothing but running clothes.  I wanted a triathlon kit that was both comfortable and looked great for Lake Placid.  When I received my VOMax tri kit in June, I was so excited to feel how lightweight it was and couldn't wait to try it out.

My initial thought when trying on my kit was how comfortable it was.  The top was a perfect fit for my body and the bottoms were not the low-rise that I am so used to when looking for triathlon bottoms.  I really loved the colors and pattern and really hoped that my initial thoughts would hold true when testing out the kit on the road.

Sunday, was obviously not my first time wearing my VOMax kit.  I have worn it on many long rides.  Things I have loved about my VOMax kit compared to other triathlon gear that I have are:

  • The shorts stay in place during my ride.  I HATE shorts where one leg starts moving up in the middle of the ride.  This causes unnecessary chafing and I will spend the whole ride moving it down.  My VOMax shorts stay in place and are really lightweight so they don't feel heavy when I am sweating like a crazy person.
  • The padding in the shorts is the right amount.  This is huge for me as the long miles add up on the road and that padding can make a huge difference.  The chamois is the correct size and the stitching isn't raised at all which was nice as other shorts have caused a lot of irritation from the placement and rise of the stitches.  
  • The top doesn't ride, at all.  This was a huge determining factor for me when choosing my triathlon top for Lake Placid.  I HATE seeing my stomach hang out of my tops in race pictures.  It is inevitable.  I will spend an entire race adjusting my top so that no camera person will catch my stomach hanging out.  So far, I have not had any issues with my shirt riding, so HOPEFULLY this won't be an issue at Lake Placid.
  • I love the pockets in the back of the top.  There are two large pockets on the back of the top and they have elastic on them.  This makes for easy access to my gel flasks and salt tablets and also I don't have to worry about losing things when I put it back there.
  • My kit didn't move during my swim, at all.  I did not test out my kit in the water before Sunday.  I was hoping for a wetsuit swim but decided to go without a wetsuit just incase Lake Placid was not wetsuit legal.  I could have been wearing a swimsuit as my kit was so comfortable and stayed perfectly in place during the swim.  I was worried about a shirt riding up during the my swim or being annoyed by the shorts but had no such problem.  I wore my heart rate strap under my top and the top seemed to keep that in place which was a relief because I have read stories of the strap dropping to people's stomachs during the swim.
So obviously, I am in love with my new triathlon kit from VOMax.  What I am most excited about is that I got to design my kit for Lake Placid.  When they sent me the design forms, I kind of freaked out.  I have no artistic/graphic design abilities at all.  So, I sent the graphic designer a few photos of what I would love to see in my tri kit and he went to work.  I got the proof back and somehow he put my vision into a kit.  I don't want to show you all the proof as I can't wait to show you the real thing when I get it back, so you will all have to come back to check out what I will be racing in on Sunday. 

If you are looking for a triathlon kit for your upcoming race or even a cycling jersey, please check out VOMax, I promise you will be very happy with your experience with them.

**I am a sponsored athlete of VOMax.  They have provided me with the triathlon kit in my review but all opinions are my own.  I have not been compensated for this post.


Marcia said...

Wow 5 days! Time flies! IMLP is on my youngest daughter's birthday. That should be good luck for you. Love the tri top in the pic and look at those cuties!

Laura @ Mommyrunfast said...

So awesome about VOMax gear- I'll keep that in mind for the next time I'm ready to jump into triathlon training. I'm SO excited for you to race the Ironman... can't believe it's so close!! Best of luck. I'll be cheering from here!

Alison said...

Hey Robin! I have a friend participating at Lake Placid this weekend, we were up there to cheer him on in 2011... the area is so beautiful, it was fun just being a spectator! Good luck to you, hope you have fantastic race!

misszippy said...

So excited for you! I know you're going to crush it. Have a great day and make VOMax proud!

Jen said...

YES! Congratulations on your 1st place and I am beyond excited for you!!!!

Michelle @ Crazy Running Legs said...

Good luck this weekend!!! You're right - how has it already been a year???

Congrats on first place in your AG AND being sponsored by VOmax!

Love that picture of you and your girls - they are getting so tall!

Amanda R said...

Best of luck next weeken. Love the new kit. Will have to check out VOmax. The pink looks cute on you!

katelewis said...

This is such a lovely step in my opinion.Good work.


Addie alexa said...

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Apparel Choice said...

Such a I'm SO excited for you to race the Ironman.