Monday, May 6, 2013

My Boston Marathon Thoughts

It has taken me 3 weeks to return to my blog to write.  Not because I haven't had time.  Yeah, I have been busy, but I have wasted a lot of time.  It took me this long to write, because I needed to process my thoughts before putting them into words.  I look forward to getting back to normal writing and talking about triathlon training, but I know a bridge has to be made between then and now.

I don't plan on writing a race report for the Boston Marathon this year.  I still haven't looked at any of my photos.  The joy of a race was ripped from the runners and spectators on April 15th.  I will bullet point a few things about my race as I know some people were wondering what happened during my race.

  • I was incredibly relaxed going into this race.  I didn't set my expectations high and felt no nerves at the starting line.
  • I knew in mile 1 that my legs weren't fresh.  I did a two hour workout three days before.  Boston wasn't my goal race and I was OK with this.
  • Even though I knew I wasn't going to hit a PR, I still went out at a PR pace and held a 7:30 pace through 15 miles.  This wasn't easy, but it wasn't terribly hard.
  • Mile 15, I went to take my salt tablet so that I could take a gel and my salt was gone.  My heart dropped and I lost all normal thinking.  My last gel for the entire day was at 90 minutes.  My stomach was hurting and my legs started cramping on the hills because of the lack of salt and electrolytes.
  • I ran with a friend from mile 18 on.  She kept me moving, along with my co-workers who were waiting for me at mile 24.  These ladies kept me moving to finish my race faster than I could have hoped considering I had given up mentally at mile 16.

  • I visited two medical tents.  Miles 21 and 23.  They didn't have salt tablets but they did have bouillon.  It was cold and gross, but within minutes of taking it my head cleared a little bit and the cramps started going away.  I thought about stopping for the day at both these medical tents.
  • I finished in 3:44.  I don't know the seconds because I haven't looked up official results.
I really don't feel right talking about post-race.  I will just leave it with this, I went through so many emotions that day that it took me over two weeks to even begin to rest.  I am finally sleeping through the night.  All the victims and families have been in my thoughts non-stop these past 3 weeks and will continue to be.  The strength that I have seen emerge from such a tragedy is so incredible.  

I will be back for the Boston Marathon in 2014.  When I crossed the finish line, I said absolutely never again.  The Boston Marathon is a tough race and I wasn't sure I wanted to do it again.  But, I will be there in 2014 as this city takes back their race and their day.  

And, thank you all for listening to my rambling.  It is a relief to finally get it out of my head into words. I have so much to share and be excited about but I had no idea how to move on without making a mention of something I wasn't ready to talk about.


Michelle D said...

I can so understand your needing to wait before talking about that day - it's been a lot to process.

jobo said...

I am so glad you posted even though it was a rough rough day, in so many ways. you did an incredible job, as always. And my heart goes out to you to everyone affected and to the running community overall...forever changed ((hug))

Amy C. said...

I'll be cheering for you Robin - now and until then! xoxo

Brenna Kate Simonds said...

Proud of you.

Bill Hurley said...

Robin, Great job. I was tracking you and 9 others. It was great watching all of your progress. That afternoon was just a blur. I know what you mean about needing time to process it. You will be great at IMLP and next year in Boston.

Jess said...

Wow. I can't even fathom the range of emotions you are STILL feeling to do this day. You've been on my mind since your race my friend, thank you for opening your heart up and sharing your words on the race, and all that it became on that day three weeks ago. big hugs.

Laura @ Mommyrunfast said...

I've been so curious to hear how you're doing. I can't imagine how intense it must have been to be there!! Boston does sound intense- you did an amazing job for not tapering, and losing a salt tablet! I really hope I get to run it with you next year!!

Kelly B said...

Thank you for sharing this. I too will be there in 2014, cheering on the sidelines just like I always do. I am glad to hear you will be running.