Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Goals for the Boston Marathon

It is my favorite time of year in Massachusetts!!  Boston Marathon weekend starts in a few days and I am soooo ready for it!

I have been MIA from the blog these past few months.  I somehow thought having my grad school acceptance would mean more time to relax, but this semester has been even crazier.  School, work, training, kids.....So much going on, but I am ready for this weekend.

Training for Boston has been different than last year and than a normal marathon training cycle.  But I still feel pretty strong.  My mileage is WAY down compared to the past.  I only averaged 30 miles a week.  Before I started triathlons, I averaged 55-60 miles a week, so this was a big change.  But my cross training is up there bringing my total work out time to 25%-50% more than a normal marathon training cycle.

Boston's start line before the crowds hit it.

I ran 3-20+ mile runs.  Two of those runs had quite a few marathon pace miles in them and were completed on Heartbreak Hill.  I know the Boston Marathon course.  This could be a bad thing as I know the part that mentally messes with me, but the hills don't scare me.  I don't think I could be more ready for this race.

Goals.  Ahhh!  I have goals for Boston.  I have more than one goal for Monday, and I haven't quite decided what my A goal is.

My PR at Boston is 4:29.  Unless something goes really wrong, I am pretty sure I will PR Boston, so this is Goal #1.

I would love to earn a Boston qualifying time at Boston.  This is a sub-3:35.  I am already qualified for Boston next year, but I think a Boston BQ sounds cool.  So, qualifying for Boston is Goal #2.

Sub-3:30 keeps floating around in my head.  I am afraid of setting my goals too high for Boston, so sub-3:30 is Goal #3.

PR.  Wow, I don't know if I have it in me to PR at Boston, but you can bet I would love to go under 3:24 at Boston.  I was on pace for much faster than 3:24 at Disney when the heat hit and I slowed. I know I had a faster time in me.  Sub 3:24 is Goal #4.

Sub-3:20.  3:20 is just a crazy fast time in my head.  I know I am capable of this time on a great day and on the perfect course.  Do I think Boston is THAT race?  I don't know.  I know the course well enough as well as my body so I know where I will slow down.  I will say this goal out loud, as I would love a sub-3:20, but it is a FAR goal and I won't be at all disappointed if I don't get there.  I know I will get my sub-3:20 in the near future, so I put that goal out there without high expectations.  Goal #5.

So, did I confuse you?  I have lots of goals and have yet to decide the time I am shooting for.  But, I am pretty much OK with that because I will be happy with a well run race even if it doesn't mean meeting all of my goals.  I have a race plan for Boston, and honestly, I have no idea what time my race plan will equate to.  :)  I plan on executing my race plan which is to hit marathon pace for many miles and then to hold on to a conservative pace on the hills and then see where it leaves me at the top.  See, no time, just a plan.  This is a plan that I am really comfortable with and one that I think will leave me with the confidence to get up the hills and hammer the last few miles at whatever pace my legs are ready for.

And there you have it, the infamous goals post.  I am so excited to share with you about my upcoming weekend which includes an invite to the exclusive Runner's World Boston Marathon party.  Marathon weekend, I am ready for you!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Athleta Giftcard Winner!!

Sorry, sorry, sorry, I have been a non-existent blogger.  I have been so busy with school, training, work, and kids, that I really put the blog on a back seat for a while to alleviate stress.  Unfortunately, that also meant that I didn't draw my Athleta gift card winner.

Thank you again to all who donated to my store's TNT fundraising.  I really appreciate your generosity.  With that, I did a drawing and my winner is:

Brenna, please send me an address where I can send your gift card to.  

And with that, I need to get back to studying.  Boston is in 2 weeks, and training has gone as good as I can hope while training for an Ironman at the same time.  I hope to do a training update before the big day.  Here is a picture of me at the top of Heartbreak Hill and mile 21 of my amazing training run on Saturday.