Monday, February 18, 2013

Pushing Yourself in Training and a SparklySoul Winner

Training for an Ironman during the winter in Massachusetts is a mental challenge in itself.  I have been riding three to four times a week on the trainer in my garage.  I have been doing workouts that include intervals and endurance riding.  The workouts, on paper, don't look that bad.  Mentally, I am making it through the 60-90 minute rides without wanting to poke my eyes out.  The thing I am noticing on my rides is that I don't know how to push myself during these rides.

Yes, that is a cruise cup in my water bottle cage.  I use it to hold my remote.  :)

My new aerobars, I love them and hate them, but did make it 35 minutes in aero yesterday.

On Saturday, I had a 95 minute run with increasing heart rate zones.  This run was EASY for me.  I made it into the correct heart rate zones and was running fast at the end.  I ended up doing 12.23 mile in 95 minutes for an average pace of 7:47.  When I say it was easy, I don't mean it was effortless.  This run was hard and my body told me that the whole day.  When I say easy, I mean, I had no problem pushing myself on this run.  When I run, I know how to reach deep down and push myself to whatever paces or heart rate may be on my schedule.

Now, the next day, I felt like a totally different athlete.  I had an 85 minute trainer ride followed by a 15 minute brick run.  I could NOT get my heart rate up on my ride.  I feel like I am pushing myself as hard as I can go, but my heart rate is not reflecting my effort.  I know there is nothing wrong with my heart rate monitor because I use it on my runs as well.  I just can't get my legs to move fast enough.  I know in my head that this will improve, because it did last summer.  My legs are trained to run and not ride.  My quads are getting used to riding, but apparently they still fatigue a lot faster than while running.  But, I am frustrated with myself and almost embarrassed to report back to my coach that I can't hit my workouts.  Yesterday, I thought, maybe I am just having an off day.  But, as soon as I hopped on the treadmill for my brick run, I saw that it wasn't an off day as I was able to run 1.9 miles in 15 minutes.  Nope, my legs were fine.  They just hate the bike.  :)

Again, I know this is temporary, as I had an amazing Half Ironman last summer with paces on the bike that I didn't think I could do at the beginning of the summer.  I know the bike will come back.  But the competitive, impatient person in me is having a hard time accepting that it will take time to get back to where I want to be.  Spring can't come soon enough so that I can at least get back on the road and enjoy these rides a little bit more.  (Thank goodness for Downton Abbey as I was able to zone out to my new discovery.)

And, my Sparkly Soul winners are:

Christine R. (wide headband) and Kelly B. (thin headband)!!!!  Please contact me with your address and color choice.  Thanks everyone for entering and good luck on your races this spring!!!


Krysten @DarwinianFail said...

YOU ARE AMAZING!! An Ironman is a long term Big Hairy Audacious Goal for me. I am going to do my first spring TRI this summer and go from there! GO GIRLIE GO!

Michelle @RunningwithAttitude said...

Wow that's lot of time on a trainer - impressive! I'm in Massachusetts too and I swear Spring can't come fast enough!