Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Getting Used to Training AGAIN + Giveaway Winner

You would think that being in shape to run a fast marathon would transfer over to Ironman training but I was so very wrong.  After two weeks of recovery, I am back to triathlon training and I am SORE.  I am barely running (like last summer, it is a wonder I got faster) and am biking four days a week and swimming three days.  I am seeing both disciplines improving but it is hasn't been easy.

The first week back left me hungry and tired.  All the time.  I knew that is was temporary so pushed through.  My second week back, I found myself with tight, tight muscles.  My calves were killing me and my hips were achy.  The new aches reminded me that I shouldn't be doing extra weights workouts anymore.  So I cut back on my weight class and am following my coach's plan very closely.  I am also attempting to stretch more than normal.  (I am a terrible at remembering to stretch so anything is better than nothing.)  My workouts have been a challenge but in a good way.  I have been doing a lot of high heart rate intervals on the bike and long sets in the pool.  Each day, I see my workout and dread it as I know it will be hard, but am finding myself moving faster to get it done than just a few weeks ago.  I am seeing progress though am anxious for when these workouts get even longer and harder.

In December I found out I was accepted to the Brooks ID team for my 4th year so a few weeks ago I placed an order for some new shoes.  I am going to try out the T7 Racers for my shorter racers this year.  Apparently my heavy Brooks Ghosts are not fast shoes.  :)  I also purchased the new Brooks PureFlow 2's.  I haven't worn the Racers yet, but I have worn the PureFlows on a few runs and I am liking the update.  I will have a full review on them once I put some more miles on them.  So far I am loving my new shoes.

And my winner for my iFitness belt giveaway is:

I love that my winner is someone that is local and someday I will hopefully get to run with.  Bikeocean, please contact me and I will get you your belt and other goodies from my runDisney Meetup giveaway.


Laura @ Mommyrunfast said...

I'm glad i'm not alone in feeling somewhat sluggish and sore getting back into workouts! This week is coming up on the magic 26 days post marathon, and I'm finally seeing some speed return. Yay for Brooks! I was going to apply for that this year and completely forgot. Maybe next year!

Bill Hurley said...

I am sure you will be flying again very soon. Even your first few workouts look great. Good luck with your continued training Robin.

Brenna Kate said...

I still want to hear how salt has been helping you with stomach issues....