Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Running Cures Stress

I am still alive!!  I had to take a break from blogging the past few weeks as I was trying to avoid a writing block when writing my grad school essay.  My first application is in the mail and I am hoping I am on my way to being a graduate student.

While I should be feeling a bit of relief, this morning I had a meltdown.  I have been having problems with one of my professors this semester and today he pushed me over the edge.  My number one choice for school next year needs my updated transcript by the end of the year.  Well, the registrar's office closes next Friday for the year so I need to have all my grades from my teachers submitted before then.  Well the professor that has already been a pain in my butt struck again today when he informed me that he can't guarantee me anything.  I totally get being busy and this would be going out of the way for me.  BUT, he was a pain a few weeks ago when it came to my grades and I ignored it.  I could have been like every other student and went to the dean to complain, but I didn't.  I am at a loss with this man as I have never had problems with a professor before.  I feel like this guy is out to get me.  So this morning, I could be found crying, holding a beautiful baby to calm me, and searching around campus to find someone that could help me with my troubles.  I think I talked to the right person and am hoping that my transcript will be sent without any troubles next week.

And, I also ran.  Oh, running, you are the cure for all.  My marathon training is going AMAZING!  My coach seems to really understand me because she is doing something right.  I am running less than 40 miles a week, but I am running fast.  I had a pretty good 5k this weekend, that I will write about later this week.  I may have PR'd and ran a pretty evenly paced race.  

Today's run was a marathon pace run.  I am currently training at a 7:30 marathon pace.  This is faster than what I think I can handle for 26 miles but I am training there because I know it is what I am capable of based on all my other race times.  My goal for Disney is sub-3:30.  I know I am capable of faster than that so the closer I get, I will think more about actual race paces.  But, back to today's run.  I ran fast today and it felt so good.  I warmed up for a mile and started my marathon pace miles.  My first mile was 7:27 and the next 5 were all under 7:20.  Yes, I needed to slow down, but I needed a fast run to clear my head.  I love how my faster runs are feeling comfortable.  And I loved when I stopped running today and saw 1 hour flat on my Garmin!

So, thanks for listening to me ramble today.  I really missed journaling these past few weeks.  I am so excited for Christmas break when I know things will feel like it is much more normal.

And a few pictures to remind me to smile today...

Bridget's new Brooks PureFlows.  You have to love kids in Brooks.

My baby turned 6 a few weeks ago.

American Girl dolls running.  Loved this sign at the store when shopping for a birthday doll.