Wednesday, September 19, 2012

When Will the Boston Marathon Fill?

I finally registered for the Boston Marathon yesterday.

I won't know if I am officially running until October 1st after they take the fastest 18000 runners and verify our entries.  Like I mentioned before, I am not as stressed about getting in this year.  If I don't make it, I will be sad. But I won't care as much because there will be other Boston Marathons.  I did wait a day to register, mainly because I was so busy, but I didn't want to forget to register so put my registration through last night.

And now the wait begins.  Based on my registration number, 13720, it seems not as many people are registering this year.  In comparison with last year, I registered first thing on the Monday during the second week of registration and I was number 19074.  It appears that the registration numbers are much lower than for 2012.

There could be many reasons for the lower numbers. The lower numbers could be because of the tighter qualifying standards. It may be because many people didn't re-qualify at Boston because of the heat.  Whatever the case, Boston registration may still be open after the initial two week registration window closes on Friday.

In my opinion, this is great news for marathon runners.  Runners who qualify for Boston this coming weekend and maybe even a few weeks later still may get to register for Boston 2013. This also means that fall races may once again be used to qualify for Boston of the current year.  As a person who waited 16 months to run Boston after my qualifying race, I am all for qualifying in the fall and running Boston six months later.  

I know one of our local races, the Baystate Marathon, prides itself on its high numbers of Boston Qualifiers.  Last year their registrations suffered because of the early Boston registration sellout.  Normally Baystate sells out in August, but last year you could register the weekend of the race.  Hopefully this change could help this awesome marathon to bump its numbers up again in the future.

I must say I was very upset with the BAA when they changed the qualifying standards last year.  Now,  I see it was a smart decision.  The race is just a bit harder to get into, but now registration is no longer a race like it was two years ago.  Great job BAA on pushing us marathoners to push ourselves that much harder.  It makes getting into your race that much more of a victory.

Did you register for Boston this year? When do you think Boston will sell out?


Fancy Nancy said...

I have been surprised to see that it hasn't sold out yet. Perhaps it was the heat last year...then again they allowed those who didn't want to run it last year to defer to this year. We shall see but it certainly leaves the door open for more people to qualify. Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

Middleaged Runner said...

Strange, I got my registration in on Monday any my # is higher than yours. Thats odd! Fingers crossed for both of us :-)

Amanda Loudin said...

I just saw a tweet from the BAA the other day with a number of registrants (can't remember what it was) but it seemed low to me also. I think they BAA absolutely did the right thing with the standards and process. Seems to be working beautifully! (Baystate is on my list one of these days, btw!)

Jen said...

We're waiting until the 1st to see if the husband is in or not too. Not me. I have toooooooo much time to take off my marathon time for me to think about this right now anyway. Plus, we couldn't afford 2 Boston Marathoners - I'm just doing my part by running slower. That's it. ;) I think a lot of people count on Boston to requalify for Boston & it was so darn hot - it killed their times. Plus, in general - there were a lot of hot marathons this spring/summer. Sugarloaf was brutally hot (for Sugarloaf) as well and hit a lot of runners there too.

Laura @ Mommyrunfast said...

Crossing my fingers for you! I'm still debating running the Houston full in January... I want to get to Boston one of these years, but it won't be 2013. :)

Liana said...

are there really 18K runners? I thought it was 27K? Are there 9K charity runners? No wonder the back felt more crowded then a normal corral!

I hope you get in!

I think as many new and exciting cities are having marathon, Boston is losing it's luster. I hear from Non east coast people that they are sitting out Boston in favor other destination races.

and bay state is awesome! I almost wanted to change my vacation dates so I could run it this year.

Danielle said...

YAY! congrats! this is awesome! I can't wait to follow your journey! What a great opportunity!

Caroline Eakle said...

I hope you get in! best of luck to you!!!

Colleen said...

I signed up Moday morning when it opened for us and I got reg#22270 so I would love to know what that means lol
I hope we all get in and can run together it was fun this year!
I agree it's hard waiting when you qualify so early it will be 14 months for me waiting since I qualified

Maggie said...

Someday..I will register, not 2013.. but someday (fingers crossed)! Congrats!!! :)