Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Training Update & First Day of Kindergarten!

So I was all prepared to talk about getting my bike ready for my race this weekend and I remembered my pictures are on my husband's phone and he is not available so instead I will update you on my training and life.

Last week, I told you about tightness in my knee and cutting back a few workouts.  Well being cautious worked for me and I had an amazing weekend of training and I am no longer worried that my knee will act up during my ride at Pumpkinman.

My last big workout of the training cycle was on Saturday.  I was scheduled to ride for 2 hours and run 30 minutes.  Finally, I felt amazing on my ride.  I have been complaining to my husband after the last couple of my long rides that I couldn't even get into the heart rate zone that my coach wanted me to ride the whole race in.  I couldn't figure out if there was something wrong with my heart or if I just couldn't do it.  On Saturday, it felt easy to get into that zone and hold it.  Apparently, my legs were worn down from training, like they should be and my taper was already starting to work.  I completed just over 38 miles on the two hour ride for a pace of 19.4mph.  I hadn't seen a long ride go that fast in a while so I was ecstatic.

My brick run was 30 minutes and was supposed to be 10 minutes of warmup, 10 minutes pushing, and 10 minutes of easy.  My average pace for the 30 minutes was 7:50 and again, I felt good out there.  Brick runs have really grown on me this summer.  My first few brick runs were tough.  I would start running and my legs felt like jello and I would be done with the run before I felt warmed up.  Now I am able to get moving within the first 1/2 mile and hit faster paces throughout the entire run.

Sunday, I headed back to the lake for an open water swim in my wetsuit.  Ugh.

I have a love/hate relationship with my wetsuit.  I love that it kept me warm on Sunday as it was a cool morning in the water.  I loved that at Danskin, I felt like I was flying through the water.  I HATE putting my wetsuit on.  I get claustrophobic very easily and getting into a tight wetsuit doesn't help me to relax.  I also got chafed on my neck from my wetsuit on Sunday's swim as it was my longest swim with it on so far.  I guess it was a good reminder to put extra Body Glide on.  Forty minutes of open water swimming done and I headed back to the road for an hour tempo run.  It wasn't as fast as I would have liked, but it was OK.  I think, had I done the run before the swim it would have been much better, but I wanted to be tired on that run.

And, yesterday I rested.  What a wonderful thing to wake up on my day off and know I didn't have to do anything.  We spent the day getting my bike prepared for my race and getting my husband something to wear to his sprint triathlon.  (He is doing his first triathlon the day before mine at Pumpkinman as well, I am so excited to be a spectator!)

And then, today was the day I have looked forward to all summer, yet dreaded at the same time.

My Gabbie, left me and started kindergarten today.  She was more than prepared to walk into that school today and as a bonus, I didn't cry.  I dropped both kids off, went home and wondered what I was supposed to do with myself.  Today seems to be going by pretty quickly, and I haven't accomplished much.  I guess my free time will fill up quicker than anticipated.


Michelle said...

Your girls are SO precious!! Happy first day of Kindergarten to your littlest :)
I'm glad being cautious worked for you! Sounds like you had some great workouts this weekend!

jobo said...

You have beautiful daughters!!!!!!!! Wow, Kindergarten, what a huge step. And good job, as always, on your training! Crazy awesome. I would get claustraphobic too! how does one even put ON a wetsuit!

Cristina said...

awww. you made it without crying. woo hoo! might be just as big as finishing your 70.3. I am stuck at my pace which is a slow pace. I don't seem to get faster and truth be told, i hate trying to get faster. speed work kills me. So if you are feeling this good and are happy with those pacings (I would be ecstatic!) you are ready to kick some butt on your race! Good luck

Jessica@sweatismysanity.com said...

Yay for you. Way to go. Your daughter is adorable. My Sophia started kindergarten too...it's been dramatic. I've been meaning to do a post. :)

Laura @ Mommyrunfast said...

So exciting that you're feeling good, and you get to cheer on your husband! Your girls are adorable... hope they had a good first day back! And good luck adjusting. :)

Marcia said...

Gabbie is so beautiful. Kudos to you for not crying. I would not be so strong. SO glad to hear the knee tightness resolved itself and training is going well!