Friday, September 21, 2012

My Reward for Finishing My First Half Ironman

So one thing I found out this summer is I actually kind of like swimming.  I hate getting into a cold pool still.  I hate how exhausted and hungry I am after an hour in the pool.  But I LOVE seeing the progress that I am making in the pool.

I was on the swim team in high school.  I wasn't very good.  :)  I was the captain of our swim team for two years and made it to the Regional swim meet, but it was because my town was small and we weren't that good.  

Now, 15 years later.  Yes, 15 years since I swam on the swim team, I am swimming faster than I have ever swum.  Yesterday, I swam my fastest 100 yards ever.  I did in 1:32.  Yes, I know that probably isn't fast to the fast people.  But in comparison, in June, I was swimming 100's in 1:47.  That is a 15 second improvement in 3 months!  :)  

I did my test 100 at the end of my workout yesterday.  I had a pretty tough 400 yard pull in the middle of my workout that I thought I was going to drown during so I didn't have high hopes for my 100.  I swam pretty hard but didn't feel too winded.  I hit the wall, hit lap on my watch, and looked at my results.  1:32!!!!  I thought for a moment that maybe it was short.  Hello, I swim in this pool everyday, I can compare my times.  Then I was tempted to stop the guy 2 lanes down that was kicking my butt to brag about my time.  But, I didn't.  If I would have had my phone, I might have emailed my coach, but instead I cooled down with the biggest smile on my face.

So swimming, it is winning a place in my heart finally.  

To reward myself for my Half Ironman, I bought myself two new swimsuits.  All summer I have been wearing Athleta Tankinis.  I loved them, but they are not serving their purpose for me anymore.  First, they are too big because I have lost weight since I bought them.  Second, they are tankinis.  Once they started stretching they started floating and therefore rise up when I am pushing off the wall.  

I knew I wanted to order swimsuits from Splish all summer.  They are totally not me, but that is why I like them.  I feel like I am too old to be in a flashy swimsuit, but I am kind of OK with that.  I've seen them popping up on blogs this past month and finally decided to make my purchase.  I went with a sale suit and a grab bag suit.  

(The lightning suit was my grab bag suit.  $25 and I am now an unofficial member of Team Thunderbolt which will be displayed across my butt.)

I didn't want to spend too much on a suit I had never tried.  I ended up spending $60 on two suits which is a steal because my Athleta suits were that much for one.  On a small victory note, these suits are 2 sizes smaller than I ever purchased in high school; this Mommy appears to have a better body now than in 1997.  

So look out Westford Racquet and Swim, Robin is going to be lighting up your pool very soon.  Hopefully, I don't scare my fellow elderly swimmers.  :)


Ed Henry said...

Looks like you will be able to swim a lot faster in those suits!

Boise Runner said...

Love the suits!

Nancy said...

The non-thunder bolt one looks super fun too! I like that one the best.

Ana-Maria said...

i own a wonder woman splish suit via grabbag and love it! You will swim even faster than ever

Suzanne Westenhofer said...

Very cute suits!

Erika said...

I ordered the same thing from Splish too - got a Grab Bag suit that ended up being a Wonder Woman print -haha!! I love it though. Great company and good suits for the price too!