Thursday, September 13, 2012

2013 Boston Maraton Registration Time

This mama is going crazy this week.  I know I need to recover.  Luckily I have a coach who is telling me to rest because without her, I probably would already be starting a new training plan and running some crazy workout today because my legs want to move.

So what is next?  When running the Pumpkinman Half Ironman on Sunday, I told myself I needed a LONG break to recover.  I was exhausted and didn't want to think about pushing myself to that point of exhaustion again.

Well I am here four days later and ready to fill up my racing schedule and set some more PR's.  My big goal is next July, so my racing is going to be limited this year compared to normal, but I am hoping to get a few big races in.

First up is the Runner's World Half Marathon in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania next month.
I am running this race with a bunch of a FitFluential Ambassadors and couldn't be more excited to get to be there that weekend.  A PR is definitely on my mind, but I am also looking forward to a fun running weekend.  Not only will there be some amazing, inspirational people be there such as Shalane Flanagan and Matt Long, but I also get to meet some running bloggers that I have been reading their blogs and chatting with on Twitter for a long time.

If you'd like to join us at the Runner's World Half Marathon weekend October 20-21, I have a code that you can use to get 10% off any or all of the events that weekend.  Use the code: BLOGGER9  when signing up. They are having a 5k, 10k, and half marathon over both days, and if you do all 3, you earn a hat for completing the "hat trick".

My current PR for the half is 1:41:53.  With a proper recovery from this past weekend, I hope I can see a sub-1:40 half marathon that weekend.  I hate racing the half marathon because it is quite painful, but I am excited that my next one will be at such a great event.

Next year is going to be my year of the Ironman.  :)  If you follow me on Twitter or are friend on Facebook, you may already know, but I signed up for Ironman Lake Placid which is in July next year.
I am incredibly nervous about completing the full 140.6 miles at Lake Placid, but I am also SO excited. I can't wait to start training.  I loved everything about Half Ironman training, especially the long hours that I put in.

I have no idea what my coach has in store for me, but she has informed me that I will be taking a 3 week break before training starts so that I don't burn out.  The three week break scares me more than the training itself.  I can't wait to put in hours on my bike and to reach new distance records on the bike and in the pool.  I dream of faster arms and faster legs so that the miles are completed a little bit faster than they were this summer.

The marathon part of my schedule is the part I am really unsure about.  I am a marathon runner.  The thought of not doing a marathon next year or having a goal marathon makes me sad, but I am hoping I can fit at least one marathon in.  I won the Disney Marathon entry from iFitness a few weeks ago, so Eric and I started planning our trip to Disney in January.

Eric is going to do the half marathon on Saturday and I plan on doing the full marathon on Sunday.  Ideally, I would like to PR in the full marathon, possibly going under 3:30.  This would get me my Boston Qualifying time for 2014, and it's on a course I know and have BQ'd on twice before.    But, qualifying for Boston is not my main goal in 2013 so this goal is still to be determined.

The second marathon that is now a maybe is Boston.

This time last year I was stressed out of my mind wondering if Boston was going to sell out before I got to register.  I am still 4 days away from registering and not only am I not stressed, I don't even know if I am going to register.  Can you believe it?!!!

I want to run Boston again.  I feel like I really missed out on a good Boston experience because of my shin splints and then the awful heat.  But, I don't know if this is the year.  My heart isn't totally into it, so I probably won't know if I am going to sign up until Monday morning when registration opens for the qualifiers that qualified with less than 5 minutes.  I have a 2:07 BQ padding, so based on last year, I should get in, because I was under by exactly the same last year.  Even if I do run Boston, I am thinking it will be just an easy run.  Lake Placid is my goal next year.  I want to optimize my training for the Ironman and don't think taking a few weeks of rest after a marathon is ideal with only a few months to go until my big race.

So 2013 is going to be all about Ironman training.  I do plan on still talking a lot about my running as that will always be my first love.  But, the triathlon is stealing my heart and there is so much more to learn and share with you all about this sport.


krissy murphy said...

I totally get the Boston trepidation; maybe that's not the right word, but yeah - Boston. It's Boston, but Boston will always be there. I see you continuing to improve and flourish as an athlete in every way. I know you'll make the right decision for you :)

Kathy R said...

Curious to know what you decide on Boston!!! However, I am seriously stoked to follow your Ironman training!!!!!

jobo said...

You are amazing!! I love how passionate you are about marathon running, you ARE a marathoner, it is in your blood! I bet you sign up for Boston, I just have a feeling ;-) But I also cannot wait to watch you train for the Iron Man! Incredible. I an in awe, every single time!

Raina said...

Hope you get in to Boston, if you want to!
You sound just like me- I can't imagine a 3 week scheduled break One week maybe...but three?! The one thing I would say is that you should bounce back quickly and be strong from the rest time. Looking forward to seeing you fulfill those long-term goals.
Also, the runnersworld half sounds fun!!

Jess said...

Ah you are just incredible. SO SO SO inspired by you!! I think you're going to rock each of these races (jealous of the Runners World one!) and the Ironman next year?? You'll OWN it. I'm sure of it. :)

Bill Hurley said...

I can't wait to follow your Ironman training. You will be great. Your past 2 Tri's have been fantastic. Placing in both.