Friday, September 14, 2012

10 Questions from Another Mother Runner

I was tagged by one of my Disney loving blogging friends, Jennifer to answer the 10 Questions posed from the Another Mother Runner ladies this week.  I am so excited to attend an Another Mother House Party this upcoming week to meet Dimity and Sarah so I thought I would participate with my answers...

1.  Best run ever: Without a doubt I would answer this with the Disney Marathon.  I've done the Disney Marathon the past five years and each year is more memorable from the last.  From my first marathon, to the Goofy Challenge coming off of an injury, my first BQ, and my most recent BQ.  I know that run like the back of my hand, and I am probably one of the only persons that is sad they changed the course this year.

2. Three words that describe by running: Strong. Long. Bouncy.

3. My go-to running outfit is:  I love my Brooks Epiphany shorts and my Brooks D'lite Micro Mesh tanks.  I have at least 3 variations of these and on a hot day you will find me in this outfit.

4. Quirky habit while running:  If I am running with someone, I HAVE to be on the right side.  I can't be on their left or I go crazy.  Luckily all my running partners are used to this and will always move to my left because they know I can't handle being over there.

5. Morning, midday, evening:  Morning for sure.  My tummy can't handle a tough run after a long day.  But, I do love a nice quiet run in the dark so am known to head out with my headlamp at night.

6. I won't run outside when it's:  Super cold!!!  My fingers, nose, toes, and ears go numb if any part of me starts to get cold.  It takes me an hour for them to get the feeling back so I hit the treadmill a lot during the winter.  Thank goodness for Netflix.

7. Worst injury--and how I got over it:  Double-achilles tendonitis.  It was torture.  I iced them twice a day and took 6 weeks off from running.  I did pool running the entire time so was still able to do the Goofy Challenge within weeks of returning to running from this injury.

8. I felt most like a badass mother runner when:  I have paid many visits to the medical tents after races but I have only gone to the hospital after one run.  In my second year of running, I got bit by a dog or some sort of dog-like animal.  I don't know because the homeowner of the yard the dog came out of denies it was his dog.  This happened at mile 4 of my 17 mile run.  I didn't look at my leg but rather ignored the pain and finished my 17 mile run.  I got home looked down and the dog had broken through my running tights and my skin.  I had to get rabies shots because I don't know what bit me, so I spent that evening in the hospital getting a tetanus and rabies shot.

9. Next race is:  I am doing a 5k and 10k in the next few weeks, but my next big race is the Runner's World Half Marathon next month.  I am hoping for a pretty PR, but we will soon see.

10. Potential running goal for 2013:  I want to go under 3:30 in the marathon and have an amazing experience at the Boston Marathon making up for last year's disastrous run.

I would love to tag some more running moms: Jessica, Laura, Jenn, Colleen, Meaghan, and whoever else may want to answer these questions.  Please put a link in my comments for me to read your answers!!


jobo said...

This is a fun post to do and read! I am glad to hear of another that hates running outside in the cold! I do too so I end up using the dreadmill WAY more than I like to in the winter, but hey, it sure beats being freezing! Though I do try and get outside at least every week or two, if it's mild enough on a weekend to brave the elements. Just thinking about it makes me sad though, I am NOT ready for winter!

Jennifer M. said...

Oh that was great! Enjoyed reading. I can totally get into this blog tag with easy question to answer. You will LOVE the house party. They were her in May and it was a great girls night out. Have a blast!

Caroline Eakle said...

Love reading all the answers to these posts this week! I posted mine today! for you its the cold, for me its the heat! :)

Laura @ Mommyrunfast said...

Thanks for the tag, Robin! I was all set to answer these, and my blog post for tomorrow took a different turn... I'll try to come back to them later in the week. Too funny about being on the right hand side... I haven't come up with a quirk, but I'm sure I have some!

Jessica@sweatismysanity said...

Oh I loved reading your answers. I cannot believe you don't know what bit scary. There's a dog that bolts out at me at a certain house every now and then. For some reason I forget and he always catches me off gaurd, he's on a chain but his dumb owner makes it long enough that he can still reach the sidewalk. I should report it I guess. Way to work it in the pool through your injury. Did that get so boring? I'll have to try a Disney race some time, everyone says they're totally fun. Good luck getting that PR.