Tuesday, August 28, 2012

No Fashion Sense Whatsoever

Today is the first day of school for Bridget and Kindergarten Orientation for Gabbie.  I was a nervous wreck this morning, but my kids were quite the opposite.  They were calm and and excited.  I kept drilling them with "Aren't you nervous?" and they kept blowing me off as if I was crazy.  Their confidence is amazing and I really need to take a lesson from their book.  Another thing I need to learn is how to dress....

We went school shopping this weekend.  I must confess.  I work at a clothing store.  I give recommendations to women for what to wear.  But I can't dress myself, nor do I really care what I am wearing.  We have to wear Athleta clothing to work, so last week when it was time to shop from the new fall line, I asked my fellow college-aged co-workers to pick out an outfit for me.

I love my new outfit.  And it is incredibly comfortable.  But, there was no way I was putting that together on my own.  I knew I wanted the pants.  Finding a cute top to go with it wasn't as easy for me.

When it comes to running clothes, I am biased towards Brooks running clothes.  It is what fits me perfect.  I think I do an OK job putting together my outfits; luckily Brooks has come out with cuter patterns and colors this past year.  I am more focused on functionality than looks.  For example, at Boston I wore the D'lite Micro Mesh tank.  I have talked about this tank before, but after a hot summer of training, I have to say it again.  This is an amazing warm weather tank.  It is for the runner who wants to wear just a sports bra but is self conscious.  It is that light.  I wore one of these tanks nearly everyday this summer, even when I wasn't running.

At Disney, I wasn't sure which Brooks tank I would wear, but knew that I would be wearing my HVAC Synergy shorts.  Again, I wasn't focused on how I looked, but I knew these shorts were going to make it through the 26.2 miles ahead of me.

So now it is time to dress my kids for another school year.  I normally would go buy them a few dresses and T-shirts to go with their jean skirts, like the picture below from the first day of kindergarten in 2010. This was apparently not going to work for my soon-to-be second grader.

Bridget and I headed into the Gap Outlet on Sunday  in order to buy some jeans.  Apparently, my formerly dress-loving daughter, has made a switch and now only jeans were on her wish list.  Unfortunately, all the other seven and eight year olds were thinking the same thing because her size was hard to come by.  What shocked me the most was how picky she was.  Everything I picked out wasn't right.  She knew in her mind exactly what she wanted and she found it.  She looked darn cute on her way to school today with her "skinny jeans" (quoted from Bridget herself) but I would have never been able to find that perfect outfit for her.  The functional mom in me hopes that her ballet flats will be able to hold up on the playground when she is chasing her friends.  But the "hip" mom in me bought the correct socks to go with her ballet flats so that her socks wouldn't show through.

Thank goodness I have two girls, because I am going to need all the help in the world in order to keep up with these two when it comes to clothes shopping.


jobo said...

I love your outfit! What stylish daughters you have too, so so cute!

Jen said...

I do love your outfit! Super adorable. I do struggle with shopping for "real" clothes for myself. I'd rather buy running clothes! I am not jealous that you have two girls to shop for. Thankfully Izzy is only 3 and we don't do back to school shopping for her yet! Tucker is 9 and is soo easy! I bought him a few pairs of shorts and a few new tshirts. He's done until October - when we get some jeans and long sleeved t's.

MCM Mama said...

I have two boys - first day of school just means shirts that don't have stains LOL. Love the outfit you have on. I'm quickly becoming an Athleta addict.