Thursday, July 19, 2012

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Let me tell you, I was the happiest person to open up Blogger this morning knowing that I get to finally write a blogpost.  Let me explain my break to you and promise that I am back from my way too long break.

Back in January, I told you about my main personal goal for the year.  In November, I plan on applying to a Physical Therapy grad program, which I am sure as everywhere else, here in Massachusetts, it is highly competitive.  After spring semester, I had 4 more classes to complete before I could apply.  I had the wonderful idea of trying to take care of 2 of those classes this summer in a short 8 week session.  I mean who wouldn't want to complete a 16 week course in 8 weeks right?  School has been more than a full time job this past 2 months.  I have gone to classes 4 nights a week for one class and did homework all day in order to stay on top of things.  The second course was online, so I tried to schedule studying for that around my Anatomy course.  I promised myself at the beginning of the summer that I would do good in the 2 classes so I took a step back from the one thing that I could, and that was my blog and Twitter.  I waste HOURS on Twitter daily and it takes a lot out of me to write my 3 posts a week.  I don't know how people do it daily as my commitment to my blog is taking up all my time as it is.

And, 8 weeks later, I am done with classes and only have a final on Monday and I am done with school until September.  Finishing my last class last night was such a huge relief though I know I am in for a fun month of studying for my GRE which I will take at the end of August.

School was not all that was keeping me from you, I have updates all over.  June 6th, Athleta opened their first store in the New England area and I decided to get a part time job there.  I took a Kettlebell class from Amanda in May with the managers of the new store and I loved everything I learned about them and their store.  I have been working every weekend there since we opened and you can imagine how busy we have been since we are the first store.  I have never worked retail before and am surprisingly enjoying myself.  I am also putting on the Athleta run club every Saturday morning at the trail in Bedford.  If you are interested in running with us, please email me or check out our store event page for more information!

My new Athleta swim/run top after a brick workout last month.

And finally, this summer I have been training, A LOT!  At the beginning of June, I finally made the commitment and signed up for my first half ironman distance race.
As soon as I clicked register I have been in full on triathlon training mode and I have so much to tell you about it, but obviously in another post.  I haven't been running as much as I am used to and am enjoying my break, but I have been training.  Just a comparison to how my training is measuring up to marathon training, I looked at the time I spent training for the past 6 months in my Daily Mile.  In June, I trained for over 40 hours.  I hadn't trained more than 37 hours since December.  The time commitment for triathlon training seems to be more time consuming than marathon training but I am loving the variety.  I will cover my training in its own post as I have a lot to add.

Sweaty mess after spin class and 30 minute run.

Down 15 pounds since starting triathlon training. 5 pounds below goal.

I am doing my first spring triathlon this weekend, the Danskin women's triathlon!  I know I am more than capable of completing Danskin, but performing how I want to has been a source of nerves for me these past few days.  I had race nightmares last night as I am struggling with what to wear. Our sudden increase in temperatures has sort of thrown in a wrench in my wanting to wear a wetsuit.  I will have a full race report for you next week and please check out Twitter for results on Sunday.

So, there you have it, my summer is almost over and finally today I get to spend some time with my favorite ladies.

Thank you to everyone who has been asking where I have been and hanging on waiting for my update.  And welcome to my new followers!  I was so excited to open blogger and see my numbers had increased so much.


Amanda Loudin said...

You HAVE been busy! Congrats on all that you have accomplished! Good luck with the tri this weekend. Sounds like you've been training like a triathlete, which will give you a solid race. Have fun!

Stephanie said...

Yayyyy so happy to read this and congrats congrats congrats on finishing your last class : ) :)

Jess said...

Look at you go! I LOVE all of these updates, you are really ROCKING it right now, huh? SO excited for you on all fronts - the training, the down 15 lbs (damn girl!), the job at Athleta (how did I not know this?? I must come visit you soon!), etc. Keep at it girlfriend!!

Erin said...

Yay! It's you!!! HUGE congrats on completing your classes and on the job at Athleta. I am so impressed! And you are doing amazing with your training. Yay!!! SO COOL you are doing a half Ironman. Good luck this weekend and HAVE FUN. Let your body do what it knows how to do and don't let you mind mess it up by stressing out. :) You are amazing! Hugs my friend!

Running with attitude said...

Wowza you have been busy! Huge kudos to you for managing that intense school schedule!

Good luck with Danskin this weekend!!

Laura @ Mommy Run Fast said...

Welcome back, my friend! We missed you. And wow- you have been busy indeed! How cool that you're working at Athleta, and handling the running club? Awesome.
I'll be thinking of you in the tri- I was super nervous before mine, too, just so many unknowns when you haven't done it before. I spent over an hour hashing out details with my friend who does tris... hopefully you have some of those. If not, I'm happy to share what I learned. :)

Amanda @ Sistas of Strength said...

Woweee busy bee! Glad you're doing well and sounds like you might actually be able to relax a little more this month. YAY!