Friday, May 25, 2012

Vermont City Marathon Runner Tracking

We are leaving in a few hours for Vermont and I have not packed.  Nothing is ready to go, but we will make it there tonight hopefully.

Life has been crazy these past few weeks.  I was hoping my two weeks off from school would leave me time to relax, but smart Robin, decided to start a new job.  While I am really excited about having a part time job, training has kept me quite busy.  I have been busy enough to keep my mind off this weekend, so that always works.

This is a short post as I really need to get this house ready to leave for the weekend.  If you are interested in tracking me on Sunday you can go to:

Vermont City Marathon Tracking 2012

My bib # is 3225.  I have it set up to send live tweets to Twitter but it is different than what I am used to, so I am not sure if it will work.  Please follow me on Twitter as I will for sure be posting as soon as I get back to my phone.

My goals are still the same as I posted the other day.  My expectations aren't huge, but am hoping for a good day.  This MIGHT be my last marathon of 2012 so I am hoping I can finish this marathon season with at the very least a memorable race.

Have a safe holiday everyone and good luck to everyone else racing this weekend!  Please let me know if you are racing and I will be looking for your results as well.


Jolene said...

GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! woohoo!

Jjrrstrand said...

I will for sure be tracking!! Best of Luck to you Robin!

Jess said...


Comfy & Confident said...

Good Luck!! Burlington is a great marathon and really fun! You will kick butt!

Middleaged Runner said...

Good luck! I keep hearing amazing things about this race and definitely hope to add it to my roster for next year. Have an awesome time, stay cool, and I'll be staying tuned for updates!

RunTheLongRoad said...

Best of luck Robin!!!!!!

AmyC said...

I nominated you for a One Lovely Blog Award!