Monday, May 21, 2012

Vermont City Marathon Goals

So far so good in the weather department for this upcoming weekend in Burlington...

Sure, I would love to see the high be slightly lower, but as long as everything goes well, I will be done running before the high hits that day.

This will be my third marathon since January, and luckily I am finally feeling relaxed about the race.  Since, Boston, I have really focused on slowing down on all my training runs.  This seems to be the opposite of what everyone around me has been doing, but slower runs are what the books recommend and I found it a welcome change during recovery.  The slower runs have allowed me to get my mileage in with minimal soreness so I am happy about that.

Do I have a goal for Sunday?  Kind of.  I have a time in my head that I would like to hit, but I am not sure I am ready to say it out loud.  Because of this my A goal is to get another BQ, so a sub-3:35.  As long as the conditions are good and I am not having a bad day, I think this is well within my reach.  I don't even care if I PR (3:32:53), I just want to run another strong BQ race.

Mile 15 of VCM, Battery Hill.

My B goal is sub-3:45.  If I am having a bad day, this will be a stretch as I really have to mentally focus to get that time if my body isn't cooperating.  But, I would be totally satisfied if I saw a low 3:4x on the clock when crossing the finish line.

My first sub-4 hour marathon, VCM 2009.

My C goal would be sub-4 hours.  I can't promise that I will be jumping for joy if I meet that time, but I know I can be proud of myself with that time.  I need to set this goal as I need to avoid giving up on Sunday.  I need to prove to myself that even if today is not my day I can push through the negative thoughts and run a good race.

So there you have it, my goals are based on times for this race.  I realize having a non-time goal is good too, but I am going to reach one of those goals no matter what.  This is all dependent on weather as well.  I have promised myself, I will never run another Boston Marathon 2012.  If the weather is above 80 degrees, I will either, not run the race or run part of it as a training run.  My body had a rough time recovering and I am not going to do that to myself again.

We are leaving for Burlington on Friday after work, and I am SOOOO excited!  I am looking forward to a weekend of alone time with my husband, good racing, and hopefully meet ups with some new friends.  Vermont City Marathon, 4th time's a charm!

My first Vermont City Marathon 2009


Jess said...

You are going into this with the exact right attitude!! I am rooting for you this weekend!! Plus, I hope you have a blast with the hubs, alone time is SO GOOD isn't it?

See Mom Run Far said...

This sounds like so much fun!! I hope you have an awesome weekend, and a GREAT race. I hope you feel strong and finish smiling like you did at Disney. Have fun!! Big hugs and good luck!!

Misszippy1 said...

Sounds to me like you've done it all just about right in between Boston and VC! I have not and I'm paying for it. And for some heat encouragement--I ran a 1/2 in Cleveland this past weekend. Everyone was complaining about the heat. Yes, it was hotter than anyone would have liked, but it still didn't hold a candle to that Boston heat, trust me! So hopefully you will be just fine. Good luck!

Laura said...

Wow, that's this coming weekend already?! Best of luck with your goals... you've recovered well and trained smart, here's hoping you smash your goals!!

Jolene said...

I love your varying goals! No matter which one you hit (You WILL hit one ,I know it!), I think you are going into this race with such a fabulous mindset!! I am so excited to hear how you do!!

Middleaged Runner said...

I hope you had an awesome race! Can't wait to hear how you did.