Monday, May 14, 2012

Melrose Run for Women Race Report

I missed a post on Friday because today is my last day of the semester and my last final.  Ahhh!!!  I have avoided studying and then spent hours studying.  I am so ready to get this test over with and have two weeks off from school.

While I was supposed to be studying this weekend, I tried avoiding it as much as possible.  Saturday morning, I woke up for my 6 miles that were on the schedule and thought to myself.....I want to run 20 miles today.  And I did.  I filled up water bottle after water bottle and headed to the trail for 20 relaxing, wonderful miles.  If I could have every run be that amazing, I would run long runs daily.  I listened to my audio book, and enjoyed my surroundings.  It was a beautiful and warm morning so there were bikers on the trail encouraging me as they passed me hours after they first saw me.  I finished the run extremely strong and at the correct slower average long run pace.

I knew my sister was running a 3.5 mile race the next day and I got the crazy idea that maybe I would attempt the race as well.  I called her up and we made plans to drive to Melrose for the Melrose Run for Women 3.5 mile road race.  I have avoided this race in the past because of the abnormal distance.  I had no idea how to pace that race and love seeing PR's which this couldn't be because I had never run that distance in a race before.

We got to Melrose really early and again it was a beautiful morning.  My legs were stiff from the 20 miler the day before so I talked my sister into running a slow warm up run.  We ran 1.5 miles at an easy pace and then we stretched.  Tight tight legs.  I told my sister that I didn't think I could manage any fast miles today so was thinking of listening to my book and just taking the race in.  Famous last words right?  :)

Spending Mother's Day with my best friend

This was an all women's race and I knew based on last year's results that on a good day, I could finish top 20 out of 800+ runners, so that was my goal.  When the race started, I took off at a fast sub-7 minute pace and decided I would see what the legs could handle.  I figured eventually they would want to yell at me but knew with a short race that a slow final mile or 2 wouldn't hurt as much.  Within the first 1/2  mile, I could still see the lead motorcycle so knew exactly how many girls were in front of me, which was about 15 at the time.  By the time I hit mile one, I was in 12th place and could still see the motorcycle though it was getting further from me.

The race was full of rolling hills.  I think on rested legs, I would have had an amazing race, but after that first mile, I knew I couldn't hold onto my pace.  Instead of concentrating on that pace, I decided to concentrate on holding my place in the race.  I could see a few girls in front of me and didn't want to lose them nor did I want anyone to pass me.  The rest of the race was spent mentally pushing out how tired I was and trying to stay with the girls in front of me.  I did eventually pass 2 of the girls and was in 10th place for a bit, but a mile 3, a girl came flying past me and there was no way I was keeping up with her.

I finished the race in 24:12, which was a 6:56 pace for 3.5 miles.  I finished 11th overall and 6th in my age group as well as 6th mom overall.  I was SOOO happy with the results.  If I had run a 5k that day, I probably wouldn't have PR'd, but I expected that based on my tired legs.  I ran a sub-7 minute race with tired legs and mentally pushed myself to race.  I didn't give up when I knew my pace wasn't what I would have LIKED to see.  This was the confidence boost I needed to get ready for Vermont.  I am SO ready to run that marathon and ready to prove to myself that I can mentally push myself through a race no matter what the final time is.

Finally mentally ready for Vermont.

And, as if my weekend wasn't already amazing, I got the best Mother's Day gift from the girls and my hubby.  I have been riding the oldest bike ever that doesn't even fit me.  We went bike shopping yesterday and I got fitted for the coolest bike ever.  I am so ready to start triathlon training.  I can't believe how amazing a bike that fits and works properly rides.  I have to control myself these next few weeks so that I can go into Vermont rested because all I want to do is go ride when I am supposed to be tapering.  :)

Back to studying!


Bill Hurley said...

Great race report, and weekend of running Robin. I love your new bike.

Liana said...

What a cute bike!

Liana said...

Congrats on the race! The rolling hills are rough. I do the 10K that goes from Malden brushing against Melrose and it can be rough on tired legs.

See Mom Run Far said...

Congrats to you and Kelli on a great job!!!!! And yay for the new bike! Enoy! )

Jolene said...

You are freaking FAST!!!!!! Amazing job!! By you and your sister! You are SO ready for Vermont!!! And what an awesome gift, that bike will be great for you!!! So exciting!

Running with Attitude said...

Wow you are speedy! And on tired legs?! Great job!

Teamarcia said...

Congrats on a fabulous race! Sounds like just what you needed going into VCM! Love the new wheels!

Middleaged Runner said...

Amazing race- good for you! What a great pace, I'm seriously impressed.

Jjrrstrand said...

Jeez Robin!!! Super race after a 20 miler. You are doing awesome! Love your attitude about Vermont now too!! So great to see your confidence. I'm extremely jealous of your BIKE!!!! So cool.

PS-come and run TWIN CITIES!!

Laura said...

You. are. amazing. Wow! That's a crazy strong pace after a 20 miler, way to go, Robin! And yay on the new bike-- what a great weekend for you!!