Thursday, February 9, 2012

What You Didn't Know About Me

I was tagged by Amanda and Caroline,  and haven't had the time to sit and write the post.....So here goes 11 random facts about myself.

  1. I love camping.  Ahhh, I never thought I would say that in a million years, but I look forward to our yearly camping trips now.  A few years ago, my husband and I were planning our weekend in Vermont for the Vermont City Marathon.  We were trying to save money and he suggested camping.  You would have thought he told me to sleep on the floor of a bathroom, I was so appalled.  I swallowed my pride and rented a sleeping mat and camped.  I loved it.  I have since went on two week long camping trips with my family and will camp at Vermont for the marathon every year.
  2. I love basketball and if someone told me I could play semi-professional basketball but would have to give up the sport of running first.  I would.  I love basketball that much.
  3. I love reality television.  We aren't talking Biggest Loser here, I can't get into that.  I am talking Real World on MTV.  When I saw there was a new season of the Real World Challenge last week, I got stupidly excited.  I stayed up way later than normal to watch my people in yet another drama-filled crazy show.
  4. My husband fell in love with me after he found out I had a TIVO.  Yes, a TIVO, one of the original DVR's.  He claims that by owning a TIVO, it proved we had a lot in common because most women he met were far from being into geeky technology stuff like him.  On a side note, we cancelled our TIVO service a few years ago, and it made me sad.  What brought us together, was now gone.  :)
  5. I used to love soap operas, particularly All My Children and One Life to Live.  Another embarrassing fact, I cried during the last episode of One Life to Live last month.  Before I started running, I used to go to Disney ever year for their Super Soap Opera Weekend where you could meet the soap stars.  It was a photo from that weekend with one of my favorite stars that convinced me that I needed to change my life....I joined Weight Watchers the day after I got back and now go to Disney for Marathon Weekend instead.
  6. I love doughnuts.  UGH.  This one is terrible.  I don't eat them anymore, but I credit those dumb little chocolate donuts they sell at gas stations to the reason why I gained an insane amount of weight after college.  If you asked me what treat I would want after a long run, it would be a Boston Creme doughnut from Dunkin Donuts.  Sigh, I don't eat them anymore because they are a bad trigger food for me.
  7. I hate writing and I never let anyone read papers I wrote in college other than the professor.  As you can see, blogging is taking a huge step out of my comfort zone because my writing is on display for whoever to read it.  Every time I am about to press publish on a post, I get very uncomfortable and scared.  As soon as I start getting comment emails, I finally relax and feel like my writing that day didn't totally suck.  But, I go through this daily, I don't think I will ever get used to this.
  8. I dislike dogs, a lot.  I have always been uncomfortable around dogs my whole life.  I hate getting jumped on.  I hate the smell of them.  I kind of find them annoying.  A few years ago, I got bit by a dog on my run.  I didn't know whether it was a coyote or a dog, I just knew it bit me through my running tights and I had to have rabies shots because the farmer whose yard the animal came out of claims it wasn't their dog even though there was a few other dogs there with it.  I am jealous of people that run with their dogs, but also get annoyed when I am on the trail and someone doesn't have their dog on a leash.  We are not all dog lovers, people.  Please keep your dog next to you.
  9. I love decorating cakes and cookies.  If I knew I could open my own pastry business immediately, I would go to school culinary school.  Unfortunately, I know out of school, I would have to take a low paying job and I am not going further into debt for a low paying job.
  10. I don't wear makeup, and I don't even know how to put it on.  I am afraid this may become a problem soon as I dislike my aging face and wonder if makeup will make me feel better.  I guess when my daughter is old enough to wear makeup we can take a class together to learn what we are doing.
  11. I love being a mom more than I ever thought I would.  I love the everyday challenges.  I love the conversations with my girls.  I love the things they say.  I love the hugs they give us.  To say that I am satisfied with my little family is an understatement.  I don't know how I ever got this lucky.
And now here are Amanda's questions:

  1. What is your favorite TV show?       90210--Yes the current one, I told you I like weird shows.
  2. Skiing: downhill, cross country or water?     None--Never tried any.
  3. Favorite season?     Spring--Love the weather and marathon season!
  4. Peanut butter or almond butter?     Peanut butter, yum!
  5. Did you play sports in high school?     Basketball and swimming
  6. Who's your favorite singer band?     Glee???  Otherwise I love Pink and Katy Perry.
  7. Country music: yay or nay?     It's OK.
  8. What's your favorite drink at Starbucks?     Skinny Awake Tea Latte with a shot of caramel
  9. What is your current fitness goal?     Boston Marathon!
  10. What's your favorite type of exercise?     Running  :)
  11. What's your dream job?     Physical Therapist
And Caroline's questions:
  1. What is your favorite brand of running shoes?     Brooks!  :)
  2. Favorite book you have read recently?     Hunger Games
  3. Letterman or Lenu?     Umm, Letterman I guess.
  4. How are you today?     Having an awesome day.
  5. Who is someone you admire?     Kara Goucher, Michelle Obama, Ellen Degeneres.  :)
  6. Reality TV: yes? no? if yes....confess the worst.     See above!
  7. What makes you laugh?     My kids and The Big Bang Theory.
  8. Why are the Kardashians famous again?     Ummm, yeah, I don't know either.
  9. Favorite Olympic moment?     Oh, gosh, everything.  I love the Olympics!
  10. What is something you cannot stand?     Being injured.  It just sucks.
  11. When is your next race?     Boston Marathon, April 16th!
And, I am not tagging anyone else, because I am probably the last person to get to this.  This was actually kind of fun, once I started writing.  I'd love to answer more questions in a future post, so feel free to leave questions in the comments!


Amanda @ Sistas of Strength said...

I totally watch 90210 too. I'm gonna catch up on last's nights in a little while. Classy. :)

See Mom Run Far said...

Love it all! Your writing definitely does not suck. :) However the Big Bang Theory is the only TV show you mentioned that I would watch with you. :)


Caroline said...

oh we have a lot in obviously...but also the soap opera thing...that is how I learned to speak english..watching GH (why is GH not on your list?!!) and AMC (I cried at the last episode of that one..what a shame). I watch 90210...the new one. I watch the real world challenges as well.....I like that more than Real World!
thanks for playing!!

AmyC said...

I'm so impressed that you like to camp...I'm still in the "I'll never like it" phase, although I love camping in hotel rooms! haha DOes that count?
You should totally do cakes on the side - I know a few self-taught bakers who do this. You are super talented!

Laura said...

Thanks for the peak into Robin! I'm not a big fan of dogs either, even though I grew up with them! We love the idea of camping, but have only gone once, and not at all since having kids... I think it will make great family trips when L is older! I'm jealous of your cake decorating talent. My sil is similar, but I don't think I have the patience for it. :)

Runningtobeskinny said...

I would love too feature you on Motivate Me Monday. Letvme know if you are interested and I'll send you the details. Who would have ever thought a tiny girl like you was ever over weight!? I couldn't agree more about the dogs, and the older I get the more I feel I need makeup. You should just go to a makeup counter at a department store or a Mac or Sephora and get a free application. They can show you how to do it. Then just buy something small, then get the rest at Walmart...hate wasting money on expensive makeup.

Crystal Swanson said...

I know that highlighter yellow! LOL You might get a kick out of my recent post. It involves Brooks.

runningforthekitchen said...

haha no shame in all of those shows! im still hooked on the bachelor and plenty of other guilty pleasures. and youre writing is great, dont be nervous!

also...ive been MIA from blog reading and Im only THREE hours too late to enter your giveaway!! I'm SO sad!!!

robinbn said...

Please send me the details, I love reading your Motivate Me Monday posts.
And I may try that makeup tip. :)