Monday, February 20, 2012

Boston Marathon Reads & Video + Giveaway Winners!

It is school vacation week here in Massachusetts and it couldn't have come at a better time. I don't have the entire week off of school myself but I do have a few days off. I have welcomed this break like you wouldn't believe this past weekend. I got some running done and some reading for fun.

This morning I stayed in bed a few extra hours to finish my book. I have been reading 26.2 Miles to Boston: The Boston Marathon Experience from Hopkinton to Copley Square.
While I was down at the Disney Marathon, Erin from See Mom Run Far recommended that I read this book, and I am really grateful for the suggestion.

The book goes mile by mile of the Boston Marathon giving you details of the actual course and then historical facts of the race and course itself.  The author of the book is a local who grew up watching the Boston Marathon.  After a terrible health scare he decides he is going to run the 100th Boston Marathon in 1996.  He runs the race as a bandit and gives you his point of view of his 4-1/2 hour marathon.  The facts thrown into the book are sometimes interesting and sometimes distracting.  I really did enjoy learning some of the trivia, but I felt a lot of the facts were filler in order to fill the pages of the book.  The actual detail of the course, especially inclines and turns were my favorite part of the book.  I am tempted to reread the book in order to highlight these parts.  I would like to know this course as best as I can before April 16th so that there will be no surprises.  He reminds readers when to slow down, for example on the early downhills and at Wellesley College where are all the screaming girls are.  He points out small hills such as on a highway overpass and the Citgo hill at mile 25 that no one mentions, but he says you will notice.  If you are about to run Boston or just want to learn more about this historical race, I would definitely give this book a read.

A fellow member of my Brooks ID team sent me a link this week to his website that includes lots of information on the Boston Marathon.  I highly recommend checking it out if you are looking for current facts of the race and even a "What to Expect on Race Day" story.

And if you are still looking for more Boston motivation, watch the following video of the Duel in the Sun of Dick Beardsley and Alberto Salazar from the 1982 Boston Marathon.  What an amazing race!

Finally, I have two winners today.  My Sparkly Soul winner from last week never came forward so I had to pull another number for the Sparkly Soul headbands.  My new winner is:

The winner of the EverStride prize pack is:

You guys have a week to contact me to claim your prizes!


krissy murphy said...

Awesome book recs! Will check out!!!

Scott McMurtrey said...

Sounds like an awesome book. Wish I would have read it before Boston last year! On one hand, it was quite the amazing experience just soaking everything in with out any other expectations other than "it's going to be awesome." :)

RunTheLongRoad said...

thanks for sharing! i will definitely be reading (memorizing!) the book and the link!

Caroline said...

Never seen that one before...I will be looking for it.
I had seen this was Epic..!

Laura said...

Sounds like an awesome reference for Boston! I'll have to tuck that away for someday, if I get a chance to run it. Glad to hear you get a bit of a break this week!

Crystal Rhyno said...

That's great. Do all those people on bikes always follow the race?

Nanette0269 said...

Its funny...I used to want to get to a smaller number simply to look better. Now, I want to get to a smaller number so I feel more gizelle like when I run. I do think, all things being equal, I would be faster if I weighed less. But, the drive now is run faster....not to run skinnier :)

Nanette0269 said...

I seriously was responding to a different not quite sure how this happened. I blame it on the not-enough-sleep-and-being-blonde excuse :)