Monday, January 30, 2012

Week 1 Training Recap

So I made it through week of 1 Boston training and I am so happy to be back on track.  My feet are a little sore; they were enjoying their rest but my legs feel amazing.  Here is what my week looked like.

Monday: Elliptical for an hour and strength training.  I hate the elliptical so I have to force myself to do this every week.  My strength training is going great for both arms and legs.  I can tell on my runs how much stronger my legs are finally getting.  Total workout was about an hour and a half that day.

Tuesday: 8.29 mile run in 1:09 for an average pace of 8:22.  Way too fast for my target easy runs, but I was just too excited to be running that I didn't slow down.  This non-easy pace was felt on my medium-long run the next day.

Wednesday: 11 miles in 1:43 pace for an average pace of 9:21.  This couldn't have been a worse run physically because of my stomach.  I made it about 7 miles in when my stomach decided it wasn't there to play that day.  I pushed but had to stop every mile to get my stomach to calm down.  I had a suggestion on Dailymile to do situps after this happens, so I may try this next time.  Not sure if it will help me, but what can it hurt right?

Thursday: 5 miles in 44 minutes for an average pace of 8:44.  This was supposed to be a recovery run and this was obviously not a recovery pace.  One of my goals this training cycle is to work on running easy on recovery days, and I need to focus on this.  Sometimes it seems difficult to run slow when you know you need to go pick up a kid from daycare.  Thursday I did my arms workout and Wednesday I got in my legs workout.

Friday: 11 miles in 1:40 for a 9:05 pace.  This run made me so happy.  My treadmill seems to be off in calibration.  What this means for my treadmill is that it says one pace, but it is actually running about 17 seconds faster.  This is why you may see my treadmill runs usually approaching the 9:30 pace even though it is around a 9:15 pace with the correction.  (I post the time from the treadmill, not what it would be corrected.) Running 11 miles at a 9:05 pace really made me happy and proved that I can run faster on my treadmill.  I swear that thing loves to mess with my head.

Saturday: 5 miles in in 44 minutes for a 8:42 pace.  Did I mention I don't know how to slow down on 5 mile runs.  Enough said.  I am switching my long runs to Saturdays next week so I am hoping running my recovery run after the long run will slow me down a bit.  I did get my arms and legs done as well today.  I love having a TV in my home gym, makes these workouts much easier to accomplish.

Sunday: 15.15 miles in 2:19 for a 9:10 pace.  I ran my long run this week with Steph.  Our time included many wardrobe malfunction walking breaks as we never pause our Garmins.  I don't think we actually ran slower than a 9 minute pace while we were moving.  Amazing amazing run.  We pretty much got lost in conversation and it was really a great therapy session for me.  Sometimes it is really nice to have someone from outside your family give you input to your complicated situation.  Meeting Steph has been one of my favorite parts of blogging and can't believe how much I look forward to our conversations.

My total for the week was just over 55 miles in 8:18.  I am happy with this total and happy my legs were ok with running again.  I really think the extra rest got me both mentally and physically ready for this training cycle.

Sorry for the boring training recap post, but I have my first Anatomy and Physiology test tonight and my mind is obviously elsewhere.  I have also been working on finding Physical Therapy offices that will let me observe so that I can build up my observation hours.  Yes, school has taken over, but my goal is to maintain 3x a week posting so we will see.

How did your training go last week?  One of my running partners finished her first Ultra Marathon on Saturday and her race recap is worth a read.  Congrats Colleen!!!!


jessica (pace of me) said...

i don't think this is boring AT. ALL. what a great week to kick off your training! so awesome!

Erin said...

great job with the training! You are doing awesome and it is so much fun (and so exciting) to be doing this "with" you. Hugs!

RuntheLongroad said...

Awesome first week!!! Good luck on your A&P test. I loved A&P!!!!

RuntheLongroad said...

Awesome first week!!! Good luck on your A&P test. I loved A&P!!!!

Misszippy said...

Sounds like you are in great shape heading into this training cycle. Good luck with balancing school, training, etc.!

Jess said...

NICE work on marathon training this week! Holy cow does 55 miles in a week sound so high to this marathon newbie!! Tho, I scarily can't wait to get there :)

Stephanie said...

Yayyyy i loved this training week. You are unstoppable. I am so glad we will still have therapy sessions although i hope it works out if i am running faster shorter runs on Sunday...say it will!! eeek. I have to talk to Jake about this Sunday if I am just going to run 3 miles or what he wants me to do. Let me know what you actually plan on Saturday but my guess is I will do just the 3 or like 5 or something on sunday. haha i am rambling. anyway sorry for all the wardrobe issues but i agree we were totally cruising. i had a blast!! you have helped me improve cardio soo much. i could have never talked like that in october. we literally might as well have been having coffee we were just like lalal talk talk talk oh yea, we are running 13 miles haha

Laura said...

Awesome first week! I've been running long on Saturdays with a recovery Sunday, and it definitely helps me run slowly that day. :) Hope you find what works best for you...although probably the further you get into the training cycle, the more your body will be ready to slow down on "easy" days. So glad you're feeling good!

Michele @ said...

Crazy amount of miles for your first week of training!!! Sounds like you had an awesome week! Yay!!!

jshade77 said...

I totally hear you on the slowing down when you know you are time constrained. I sometimes struggle keeping my pace down for the same reason. The faster I run, the faster I'm done! ;-)