Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Changing Happy Meal

I got an email this morning that sparked my topic for today.  Chick-fil-A has a new kids meal option that looks like this:
I loved seeing the grilled chicken nuggets become an option finally at a fast food restaurant.  The problem I now have is the nearest Chick-fil-A to us is 25 minutes away at the mall.  This is great when we are out shopping, but honestly, this is not convenient and I would rather go to a restaurant while at the mall than fast food.  

Here is my confession:  my husband and I use fast food occasionally to feed our family when we are short on time or just tired and don't want to cook.  We have our favorite options such as Chipotle and Moe's Southwest Grill that allows me to find a healthy meal on the menu that I actually enjoy.  My kids love these restaurants and I love seeing them eat beans, rice, and grilled chicken in their tacos or burritos as opposed to fries or chicken nuggets.  We usually go to one of those restaurants on Sundays after my long run so that I can replenish my calories and feel the reward of running.  

Before I started running, I was very unhealthy.  I was obese and going to a fast food restaurant such as McDonald's or Burger King was not as big of a deal to me.  When I decided to change my life and lose weight, I had to rethink what I ate.  The first year, I avoided these restaurants like the plague.  This was not because you can't find a healthy option there, because you can.  I had to avoid these restaurants because it was a trigger for me.  It was too easy for me to go there and overeat and return to my old eating habits.  (I started my weight loss journey when my kids were basically babies, so they never knew me as an unhealthy mom.)

I have been at my goal weight for over four years now and I find making correct choices at restaurants is not as hard as it used to be.  Enter in having kids and an incredibly busy life.  I stay home with my kids so cooking meals is for the most part easy to do on a daily basis.  My kids eat a variety of foods.  The food you will see repeating in my house are beans, rice, chicken, variety of vegetables, and sometimes tofu.  My youngest acts as if she is picky but will always eat what is on her plate.  Making a healthy meal all the time is time consuming and sometimes I just want a break.  

If you asked my kids where they want to eat out, most times they will pick Chipotle and Moe's.  Due to the popular brand Happy Meal toys (Barbie & Hello Kitty), they have begun asking for McDonald's now more than they have in the past.  UGH!  

I am not going to sit and tell you that I am against feeding my kids McDonald's because I am not.  I am not a perfect healthy living mom.  I try to have good options for my kids at home but, yes, I do let them go to McDonald's occasionally.  McDonald's has recently reworked their Happy Meals to include less french fries (100 calories instead of the normal 250+) and adding in apples without asking for it.  Thank you McDonald's for beginning to make your meals healthier for my child since you tempt them with your toys.  I would love to see McDonald's changing their chicken nuggets into grilled instead of fried like Chick-fil-A has decided to do and hope this is in the future for them.  Why do you offer grilled chicken sandwiches for adults, but only fried for our kids?  I am not perfectly healthy, but I want my kids learning to love the healthier options that is offered.  Moms like quick and easy and it is nice that our kids are finally getting to eat  healthier when choosing the fast food option.

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the toys are the enemy...
recently my boys have had a new favorite: Subway!

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