Monday, December 26, 2011

Virtual 10k Race Report

Last week I mentioned to Steph that I had a 10k on the schedule for Saturday. We like to run together on Saturdays, but we both knew my 10k pace was not similar to her half marathon training pace that we usually run on Saturdays. We couldn't find a local 10k to run and that is when the Virtual 10k was born along with Ashley.

First of all, thank you to all of you who signed up for the race. We never imagined the turn out for the race would be as great as it has been. I have loved reading all of your race reports and it was your stories and experiences along with your accountability that helped me PR in my Virtual 10k.

Steph and I picked Christmas Eve for our race day. It was COLD that morning, so we pushed back our race start until noon after a few wardrobe malfunctions (see Steph's blog). Before the race my husband did our photo shoot outside my house. He was going to come take pictures at the trail, but unfortunately, he had some last minute grocery shopping that needed to get done.
We got to the trail and set off for a cold 2 mile warmup. My legs felt ok during the warmup. We averaged about an 8:35 pace for the warmup, which is faster than I would have liked, but we kind of lose track of our running during our conversations. I noticed during the 2 miles that my legs felt kind of heavy and my chest was pretty tight from the cold air. I was having difficulty talking so was curious to see how running fast would hurt. We finished, drank some water and got lined up for our race.

We lined up at the edge of the trail, started our music and said go. I took off and my legs felt much lighter than they did during warmup, thank goodness! Mile one, I attempted to slow myself down. I knew I was going too fast, but my legs felt great. I should have listened to myself a little more as I knew a 6:50 pace was never going to make it. Mile 1 came in at a 6:52 pace, ugh.

For mile 2, I was finally able to settle into a normal pace. I felt fine during this mile, minus the wind that I was running against. I may as well have been going up a hill for how strong the wind was. Mile 2 was a 7:04, much better.

Mile 3 and 4 sucked. I can not describe them any other way. The wind was no fun and dragged me down and I was really starting to get tired and was reminded why I hate running 10k's so much. Both miles were a 7:11 pace. Not as fast as I wanted but I knew the wind was finally behind me and I may be able to pick up the pace a bit.

Miles 5 & 6 were shockingly easier than the previous 2. They still hurt but I kept reminding myself that I was running with other people. You may not have been with me physically, but you were in my mind those miles. This was good practice for the marathon. Running is such a mental thing for me and I really focused on channeling the competition of the race at this point. Miles 5 & 6 were 7:03 and 7:07, I was so happy to see that I was speeding up. With 0.2 to go, I was ready to be done and finished with a 6:58 pace.
The whole time, I was only watching my splits so had no idea what my total time was. I clicked over to the other screen on my Garmin and saw a total time of 43:51. This was a 40 second PR from my race on Thanksgiving. (That race was reported to be long, so I don't think I actually ran faster, but I was happy to have not gone slower.)

I waited for Steph to finish and we took some photos and then cooled down bringing our total mileage up to 10 for the day. I had so much fun and was excited to come home and report how I did. Thank you all for racing with me this weekend!

If you have stories from your Virtual 10k, please link them here so others can see them or email them to me (rbnnichols @ gmail dot com). We plan on having recaps of everyone's races so we will compile your reports along with pictures and times.


Stephanie said...

You totally rocked this!! So awesome :) We have to figure out how best to share stories and pictures!

Laura said...

Awesome job! Way to push through and pr! It's so great you had a running buddy, too.

Jamie Campbell said...

Awesome job! Congrats :) Virtual or not, its still a PR

NeonBlondeRunner said...

Thanks for helping to organize the 10K, what a fun idea! I had a good time with it today.

Michelle @ Crazy*Running*Legs said...

I can't even imagine running that fast -- and didn't you just do a 17-miler? Awesome job (and great costumes).

I posted mine recap in my Christmas post -- I loved running a virtual race. It was the perfect distance too!

Suzieq16132 said...

Wow, that is super fast! Great job!

Heather_nealis said...

Had a great time and just finished my race report! Thanks!

Teamarcia said...

Nice work speedy girl! My virtual race report is here:
Thanks for organizing this! : )

michele said...

I love that you guys did this "race" together!! Congrats on a fabulous time!!! Totally smoked it =)