Thursday, December 22, 2011

Preparing for Christmas

To say I have been busy this week would be a huge understatement. The week is slipping through my fingers, and I don't think I will get everything done that I need to.

One of my favorite activities to prepare for Christmas is to make Christmas cookies. Two years ago, while recovering from achilles tendonitis, I had to take up a new hobby to distract myself from wanting to run. I took a small break from running blogs and started searching baking blogs. There are so many wonderful baking blogs out there, and I got the bug. I wanted to be like them. (I warn you before you start diving in, reading baking blogs will mean a 5 pound weight gain from all the wonderful goodies you can create!)

I stumbled upon two blogs that I fell in love with: Annie's Eats and Bake at 350. These ladies are AMAZING cookie decorators as well as having many other talents. I wanted to make the beautiful cookies for my family they way they did and so I began to soak up as much information as I possibly could.

I am no professional but I think I have gotten good at decorating cookies. I even got offered a job to decorate in a cookie factory in Massachusetts, but unfortunately, the pay didn't match the commute. I am very proud of this year's cookies and am so excited to share them with you. I do apologize, I am not a food photographer by any means, so my pictures aren't the greatest.

Other preparations going on.....I mentioned the other day that we got our family pictures taken last weekend. This was a long time coming and it is so nice to see my girls at their current age on my wall rather than as babies.

And the rest of the week has been spent finishing up my shopping and wrapping. Do NOT attempt the mall 3 days before Christmas, I learned the hard way today. The line to get out of the parking lot was insane. Yesterday I came home to a wonderful treat, though, that made up for all the craziness that has filled my week. I received my Secret Santa gift from the Blogger Secret Santa that Run with Jill hosted. My wonderful Secret Santa was Stephanie from Running for the Kitchen. Please check out her blog if you aren't already reading it. She just ran an amazing debut marathon a few weeks ago, I am hoping to take some pointers from her next month at Disney. She gave me two pairs of Smart Wool running socks. I was so excited as I had the exact pair of socks in my hands a few weeks ago at Dick's Sporting Goods, and put them back. And now, today, I was able to test them out on my run and LOVED them. Thank you Stephanie for the socks and Jill for hosting!

If you are participating in our Virtual 10k this weekend, you can report your time here.  Good luck!


runningforthekitchen said...

im so glad you like them! and your cookies look AMAZING--like prettier than a bakery!

twodolla said...

LOVE the Christmas picture and, I'll have to agree, you are REALLY good at decorating cookies!! Those look awesome!

Laura said...

Wow- your cookies are gorgeous!! Can you come make my daughter's bday cake in january?! i hear you on the crazy week-- hope things settle down a bit, and have a wonderful Christmas weekend!

Lisa said...

Great cookies!! I love decorating as well, but some Christmases I just can't swing it. This was one of them :( But your pictures are motivating to make time for it next year!

Suzanne said...

The cookies look wonderful! I've got one of those pairs of socks and they are great. Hope you enjoy them!

Jamie Campbell said...

Those cookies look delicious!