Monday, December 5, 2011

My Christmas/Birthday Wish List

December is a busy month for my hubby. I take care of gift buying the entire year. I plan all the parties and make sure everyone is happy in both of our families.

Luckily for my husband, my birthday falls in December, so he gets double-duty in planning for his beautiful wife. I thought I would make his life a little easy by listing a few of the things that I would LOVE this year.

When creating my wish list, I began at my favorite running gear website Brooks Running and was excited to see a contest going on. Right now, you can create a wish list on their website and be entered into winning your wish list! Wouldn't this make my husband's life that much easier. For more details see the Wish and Win contest page, and you have until December 9th to create your list.

Now for my Wish List:

I would love the Brook's Women's Silver Bullet Jacket. I HATE to be cold and don't really have a running coat. I have lots of jackets, but would love one warmer coat in order to avoid wearing as many layers.
Next, I would love a pair of Brook's Women's Silver Bullet Wind Tights. You are going to see a theme here with clothes. I need more warm gear. I have a few pair of running tights, but tights that block out wind, yes please!
Next, I would love another Brook's Women's Equilibrium Thermal LS in a different color. I love this shirt and could definitely use another. I reviewed it here if you want more info.
Next is the Brook's Women's Infiniti Hoodie. I love hoodies and this one is so cute. Hooded shirts are nice layering pieces and I would probably wear it around the house a lot as well.
I would also like some iTunes gift cards. I am not a big gift card lover, but my music is really lacking right now and I would love a new playlist for my marathon next month.
Finally, I would like a few pairs of Smartwool socks. January-March, you will find nothing else on my feet during the day. They are so warm and so cute.
Now, I obviously know, I will probably only get one thing off my wish list, but I had so much fun shopping, that I couldn't stop looking. At least I will be surprised with whatever he may pick out.

What is on your Christmas Wish List this year?

6 comments: said...

I have a bazillion things I want to buy. Furniture, running stuff, my laptop just crashed, a new know just the little things. ;) I gave a list to my husband on f.b. and I'm pretty sure the one thing he'll choose is the inexpensive panini press. LOL.

Jennifer Goodale said...

Great wish list! Love that the hoodie has a cutout for your ponytail! And those tights just look fast:)

Sarah Jordan said...

I have the silver bullet jacket and tights and they are really nice....especially the tights. They are lined so they are really for pretty cold weather. I'd say under 30 degrees. The jacket is insanely light weight but holds heat in well.

That hoodie is awesome!

Jenn said...

Yep-think I will just cut and paste your Christmas list and make it mine! I have the Silver Bullet Jacket. I LOVE it!

Stephanie said...

Do you like brooks? hehehe. i got the hoodie in light blue! i feel like you think it might be getting cold in boston why?!? yay birthday girl!

Suzanne Westenhofer said...

Such a good list! I need to invest in some running tights or Santa needs to bring them to me!