Monday, December 19, 2011

Life Gets Busy

I can't believe how fast a week can go by. This past week was my peak week for training. I felt like between my kids and running, I had no time to even breathe. I have enjoyed my small vacation from my computer and may continue to take breaks throughout the holiday. There are just so many little things that I can do with my kids, and I want to enjoy that time while I can.

As for my training. Did I ever run last week! I was scheduled for 70 miles ending with a 20 mile run yesterday. Because of my race last week, I threw in an extra run on Monday, since I didn't run much last weekend. So this is what my week looked like:

Monday--3 mile recovery run in 29 minutes. I did this run on the treadmill and strength trained for an hour after.

Tuesday--6 miles recovery in 57 minutes in the morning and 4 miles recovery in 40 minutes in the afternoon. These runs were not easy, I think my legs were still tired from the 5k on Sunday.

Wednesday--11 miles in 1:33. This was my speed workout for the week and I did it on the treadmill because I had my kids home with me. I ran 6x1000 @ around a 6:50 pace. My treadmill runs fast so this pace was pushing it for me.

Thursday--15 miles in 2:21. Another treadmill run due to my kids. There really wasn't much to say about this run except I was ready to quit from the very beginning. I wasn't tired or too sore, I was just bored. I had what probably will be my last Physical Therapy session an hour later and could barely move my legs.

Friday--8.31 miles in 1:15. I treated this as a recovery run and just ran by feel. It felt surprisingly easy. It was a beautiful day and I pretty much got lost in my book on my iPod.

Saturday--8 miles in 1:03. I promised Steph I would meet her for her longer run this weekend, but I didn't think she would be cruising along this quickly. Each mile seemed to be faster than the previous mile and we ended with a 7:36 mile. The run overall felt fine while I was doing it, but I was worried the rest of the day about my long run the next day because my knees felt pretty tight. But, I was also proud to pull out such a strong run in the middle of a high mileage week.

Sunday--20 miles in 3:08. Colleen and I met down at the Charles River for our long run of the week. This run was mentally a very challenging run. It was only 20 degrees and with the wind it felt less than 10 degrees. We ran the first 9 miles into the wind. This really drained our energy immediately. At about 8 miles in, we realized our water bottles were all icing over. I know this is normal of the winter, I just wasn't prepared for this to already happen. We ended up stopping about 12 miles in to use the restroom, warm up, and drink some water. I have the worst time drinking when I am cold so I only consumed half as much water as I normally do on such a long run. We finished strong as the wind was with us on the way back, but overall this was a very mentally tough run.

So I finished the week with 75 miles. I was exhausted yesterday but didn't feel as if my body was yelling at me by any means. My hip feels fine and I am ready to taper!

Besides running I also spent the weekend getting ready for Christmas. I finished my Christmas shopping on Friday. Saturday I got my hair cut (first time in almost a year) and we got our family pictures taken. (First time in 3 years!) Here are my daughters in their Christmas dresses:
And today I am making cookies. I have made 10 dozen already and will be decorating this afternoon. I like to give out cookies as gifts so figured I better get moving this morning.
Time to get back to work. I will have update pictures for you all later this week.

How do you get ready for the holidays? Are you ready?


Jill Chisholm said...

I'm pretty tired just reading about your week. My goodness, and to think I'm worried about doing 40+ mile weeks as I prep for Boston. Very cute cookies, I spent 5 hours yesterday baking cookies.

Laura said...

WOW! I'm with Jill, 40 + is usually my max, beyond that I get injured. Have you always run such high mileage, or have you been building up to this? Your girls look so sweet. I understand the breaks-- we leave tomorrow and it will be hit or miss all week, enjoy the extra family time!

Stephanie said...

why didn't you tell me you are making cookies?!? i need to do this as a gift for my office and those look so much better than mine. please make mine for me. today was the craziest day. no i did not get in bah. oh well. i did send my resume to Team in Training anyway, i am contemplating whether I would want to coach for them. have yet to make a decision on that yet. feel so bad about your knees. i am sorry. i hope they are better. ahhh the cold sounds so scary. i am not going to be good at this. are we on for saturday btw? meanwhile do you like how i made this comment a freakin email to you, oopps. haven't talked to you all day, not my fault

Michelle @ Crazy*Running*Legs said...

Your girls are adorable!

Oh my - I am exhausted just reading about your week!! I can't imagine fitting in 50 miles - let alone 75! You are such a rockstar. What's your secret with the treadmill? I can last about 6 miles on it and then I am DONE.

Umm and 20 degrees for 20 miles? Wow.

Suzanne said...

75 miles in one week?! You are killing it!