Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2012 Fitness Goals

Note:  Stephanie and her husband worked incredibly hard on getting results to you all for the Virtual 10k.  Please click here for her results and list of winners.

I am a blog stalker.  I love reading blogs even if I don't always comment.  One of my favorite posts to read are goal posts.  I like to read what you all look forward to do in the coming year and I LOVE reading the progress of your goals throughout the year.

I am afraid to set goals as I am afraid of failure.  I know what my goal is for the Disney Marathon next week, but to actually say that goal out loud, makes it known and gives me that much more pressure.  When I blogged a few years ago, I actually felt the pressure to meet goals was what pushed me away from blogging.  Not only was I not meeting my goals for myself, but I felt I was a lot of talk on the blog and couldn't pull through at my race.

When returning to blogging, I promised myself that I am blogging for myself and it is OK not to meet every goal you set out.  While I was losing weight, I never thought it was possible to lose that much weight nor run a marathon, but I did.  I need goals to work towards even if I don't meet it this year.  So with that here are my fitness goals for 2012.

Race Time Goals
  • Go sub-3:30 in the marathon.  This is NOT my goal for Disney.  I feel I am capable of this at my current fitness level, but am hoping to re-qualify for Boston at Disney and then set out for this goal later on in the year.
  • Sub-1:39 in the half marathon.  I think I could have done this in my half in October, so this may be one of my easier goals to meet this year.  The only problem being, I hate the half marathon distance, so I don't run very many of them.  This may happen in August at the Providence RNR.
  • Sub-20 minute 5k.  This may be my hardest goal for the year.  I never thought I would run a sub-21 minute 5k and I did this month, so I have set my sights on seeing a 19:xx in a race by the end of the year.  

Race Goals
  • Run another relay.  I ran the Reach the Beach Relay in September and had SO much fun.  It was physically one of the hardest races I have run as I don't function well without sleep, but it was such a great experience.
  • Pace somebody in a marathon.  One of my favorite marathons ever was when I ran my sister's first marathon with her.  It looks like I may be able to do this twice this spring and am looking forward to it.
  • Have an amazing experience at Boston.  I don't want to finish this race crying no matter what.  Whether I run a PR or not, I want to enjoy this race and take the whole experience in.
Non-Race Specific Goals
  • Keep up my hip strength training.
  • Stretch more!
  • More ab-work.
  • Do a pull-up by the end of the year.
  • Run a 5k with my daughter.
And now it is all written down.  I have something to push for and am really excited to tick things off my list.  What goals do you have for the upcoming year?


krissy murphy said...

Great goals!! I know you can do it, Robin :D Hope to run with you someday!!!

kathy shoemaker said...

love your goals! I was exactly the same as you - a few years ago I was trying to break 2 hours for a half along with a friend of mine. She was posting her goal up on Facebook, telling friends, etc - while I was keeping it in my head because "what if we didn't do it?". I really admired her willingness to put it out there. I've gotten better about it too and realize that if I don't achieve a stated goal it's ok, just something to keep working towards.

Best of luck at Disney and looking forward to following your training. My current goal is simply to get my foot healed so I can start making some goals again! :)

kristindeaton said...

Those are great goals. I have the more ab work on my goal list too, but sadly that always gets pushed aside. Good luck qualifying in Disney.

Meaghan said...

These are awesome goals - attainable, yet difficult. And I love the non race specific ones as well - those are the ones that keep running/working out FUN!!

Running Escapades said...

Love these! Like you I believe in having goals because you can achieve so much working towards them and still feel the accomplishment if you do fall short. Good luck ;)

Stephanie said...

I need to make some goals. but i feel like things are so up in the air. can i be part of goal 1 and goal 2 please and goal 3 actually haha with race goals. seriously i think you are going to crush all these time goals, really i do! I will try my best to keep up with your speedy long legs lol

Shannon said...

Okay now that we are admitting to stalking blogs I stalk your blog all the time lol. I love reading your post :) Also I love your goals I would love to run a 5k with my son when he gets older

Suzanne Westenhofer said...

Wow, great goals for the upcoming year. I enjoy reading the goal themed blog posts too!

Jamie Campbell said...

i agree with the hip strengthening! and stretch more. i'm doing jillians 30 day shred........ helping with that!

Laura said...

These are awesome goals!! I've been thinking about a similar post... I know what you mean about being afraid to write it and wanting to hold yourself to it. I like that you're freeing yourself from that! A goal is a goal, you may or not hit it, but good for you for aiming high. Can't wait to see what this new year holds for you!

NeonBlondeRunner said...

Oh I'm totally afraid of failure......I even hid the fact that I was running the Rehoboth marathon from my readers until it was actually done. Now that's fear of failure to a fault..............
I need to work on that!