Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Nor'Easter Slams Our Town

Within a few hours of publishing my last post, my weekend took a turn for the worst. As I had mentioned, we were in for quite the October snowstorm. Everyone realized that, but no one knew the damage that it would create.

As of 9:45pm on Saturday night, most of my town was blacked out, at least 90% of us lost our power. Massachusetts is not used to snowstorms so early in the season. Our trees still had leaves on them and the snow was wet and heavy. Because of those two factors, trees fell all over creating a mess.
I went to bed around 10pm in the dark, but thought, how long could this possibly go on? About 1 in the morning I heard the loudest crack outside my window and a smash. We have a very old tree outside our house that is basically dead. I was ready for that thing to come in through my window so immediately covered my head, but luckily it was a fear that was not to happen that night. We looked out the window and our tree had lost a huge branch, basically half the tree. I laid back down and tried to fall asleep but all I could hear were cracks and bangs for the next few hours. The other tree in our yard also lost a huge branch as did our neighbor's tree which landed on the power line.

All I could think of was Poltergeist and that tree, coming through so I decided I was switching rooms and spent the rest of my restless night on a futon listening to more cracks and bangs. We woke up the next morning with no power and heat and freezing. I was trying to think positive so went about my normal Sunday, minus my run as I knew the streets were dangerous and I obviously couldn't use my treadmill.

My husband left the house and observed the damage throughout the town. He said it looked like a bomb had gone off. Trees were split everywhere and laying across roads. There were downed power lines under branches. Because of the mess outside I spent the day cleaning to keep warm and just hoping we would see power before the evening.
To make a long story short we didn't get power for another day and a half. Our power was out for almost 48 hours. My town got almost 10 inches of snow but parts of our state received up to 24 inches of snow. School has been now cancelled for two days as Halloween was postponed until Sunday. Many are still without power and this storm has caused more damage to our state than when the remnants of Hurricane Irene hits us only a month and a half ago. While it was no fun sitting in a cold dark house for a few days, I am so thankful that my home did not receive any damage and that my family is safe.

Yesterday, I went for a drive around my normal running route to see if I could safely run this morning as my power wasn't on and my treadmill was still not an option. Every turn I made, I found more obstacles that I did not feel safe running near. This drive was a real eye opener of what everyone around me was going through and also a reminder to be safe while running. I usually run with a headlamp on at 6am. If I had just went running without previewing the route, I would have had tunnel vision to the danger that was surrounding me.

I get tunnel vision with my training plans all the time. I see what is on the schedule and think I have to complete that run. If it is not possible to do a run due to my health, injuries, or mother nature making a mess, I need to accept that sometimes it is better to take that extra day off than to push myself. I can always make up that run tomorrow.

I am semi-thankful Halloween was postponed as I have yet to have the temptation of the candy being in the house yet. I swear, November 1st is usually an evil day to my diet. And luckily for my kids they did get to celebrate Halloween at ballet on Saturday before the storm started, so they did get to wear their costumes. They hate when my husband pulls out the camera, so they were not being the easiest targets.
Dorothy and She Ra


Stephanie said...

OMG lady!! i can't believe how bad it was!! i totally am under marathon cloak here! i am so sorry. you should have just come over ahhh..how are things now? crazy

Suz and Allan said...

Thank goodness you guys are all safe and sound!