Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My Silly Teenage Obsession

Now for an embarrassing confession. I will be 32 years old next month and I love teenage TV shows and movies. I am so ashamed of myself.

This morning I ran 15 miles on the treadmill, watching the adult movie, Bridesmaids, I might add. I liked it, it made the time go by fairly quickly. I got done with my run and had to get Bridget, my 6 year old, ready for school. At this point, I was STARVING. I ate an English muffin before my run, but 1500+ calories burnt and I was famished. I had a quick glass of chocolate milk, hopped in the shower, and made Bridget's lunch and ran her to school. Normally, I would have started my oatmeal before hopping in the shower but I knew I was short on time, and I also had this thought in my mind. If I got Bridget to school and Gabbie occupied when we got home, I could enjoy my oatmeal while watching Glee. Squeal!

So there I was enjoying my delicious oatmeal, getting constantly interrupted by Gabbie, and totally enjoying my morning. The "Warblers" made an appearance on the show and again, I squealed. Seriously, who am I? The Warblers, are a silly little singing group on a silly little TV show and yet it made me so incredibly excited. Those 45 minutes were quite enjoyable but made me realize I am a teenager in a woman's body.

Do I love these crazy shows, such as Beverly Hills 90210 and Felicity, because I want to be young again? I can tell you, the story lines have not changed in the 15 years since I have been out of high school. (Crawling under a pillow right now, 15 years, wow!)

I fear getting old. I remember when I was 21 and I thought to myself, I do not want to turn 25 because that is so old. What I would do to be 25 now, oh goodness. Now at 31, I dread birthdays. I don't want to get old because that means my body is aging and I am not ready to slow down. The only benefit of getting old in my eyes is age grouping up, therefore having a higher Boston Qualifying time.

An absolute sign of me getting old is my doctor's appointment I have for Friday. I am going to the doctor because there is something wrong with my hip. I swear, they are going to tell me I need a hip replacement, so I have put off this appointment for way too long. I basically know what is wrong with me. While pregnant, I suffered from diastasis symphysis pubis or in easy terms, a separated pubic bone. The pain went away after the birth of my daughter, but unfortunately, due to the repetitive nature of running, I am still suffering. My hip has referred pain because of this and it is so bad that there are days that I limp after a long run as I can't lift my leg. (Please note, I have no pain while running, and treatment is strengthening exercises which I do, but I have recognized that I need physical therapy in order to make the situation better.)

So, I am a woman who doesn't want to get old and am excited for the next Twilight movie to be released next week. Is anyone else as excited as I am and will you be at the theater on opening day like myself? Now I just need to find someone to go with, or I will be the crazy woman by herself in the theater watching Breaking Dawn.


Jennifer Goodale said...

Minus your Twilight obsession (I am seriously anti-Kristin Stewart bc she is such a terrible actress) and the extra daughter, I thought I might have written this! I's addicted to tv written for teenagers-especially Glee! (Oh yeah, and the 15 miles:). I'm working up to that.) I'll be 32 in March and honestly I love getting older. I suppose I just feel like I know myself better than ever now.

Love your blog. Good luck with your training!

Stephanie said...

Um a) watching felicity on Netflix rocks while on the elliptical b) now obsessed with glee c) i will go see twilight with u d) why only oatmeal e) u r way faster than me and I am younger f) don't worry u will run g) make an appointment with jake I am here now

Teamarcia said...

Really? Glee is written for teens? Oops. I too am guilty as charged then. Nothing wrong with being young at heart right?