Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Wise Little Girl Once Said

My two little girls are my life. To say I am thankful I get to be with them every day is an understatement. The last couple months of my employment, I carried an insane amount of stress just thinking that my daughters were at home with a babysitter as I was taking care of someone else's kid at work.

This morning, Gabbie (my 4yo) and I waited in the car drop off line as Bridget (my 6yo) ran into the school. In front of us was a school van dropping off another child. Gabbie had commented that it was funny that such a small bus could drop kids off at school just like the big buses. She then said to me, "You know Mommy, it's the little things that can make a big change." Now don't get me wrong, Gabbie is full of sage advice but this one floored me and I of course agreed with her and she went on, "That little bus can make a big change."

I dropped Gabbie off at school and headed out for my five mile recovery run. While freezing in the rain, I thought about my little munchkin's advice and how the little things in my life have made such huge changes.

I first thought about the death of my brother. While this is far from small, it was just one event that changed my family. My parents are having a hard time recovering and I doubt they will be the same ever again. They are changed people. They are still grandparents but seem lost. On the other hand, my family has seen such positive changes. My husband quit his job of 11 years while I was at the funeral. HUGE change. I came home and was so mad at him for making such a drastic decision. Within a month he found another job, an amazing job. He is making more money and is finally being appreciated. This is had lead to be being able to stay home with my kids and finally being able to breathe again.

My girls were also small little things that changed our lives forever. I met my husband when I was 23. We were both young and got married almost immediately and in turn had a baby right away. To say we were prepared for such a huge change is an understatement. Our lives were turned upside down like we had never imagined, but I am so happy it happened that way. His friends are now finally catching up to us and we just love that we are already through all the baby stuff and can enjoy our intelligent little beings.

When looking at my training, it is still the small things that create such huge changes. I ran two marathons this past summer and was pretty burnt out. I wasn't seeing results and I was just tired. I decided to take a step back and take the fall marathon season off. Considering I am known to run two marathons in the fall, taking an entire season off was a big decision. I focused on half marathon training and speed work. I PR'd in the half marathon a few weeks ago and my easy pace is so much faster. I am now going into marathon training a faster person, thanks to that small change.

Now I have to admit to you where my wise little Gabbie got her wisdom. I asked Gabbie where she learned such a nice thing and she said Barbie. Yes, I know we all hate Barbie but some of the Barbie movies do have good take home messages. I hated Barbie growing up, but unfortunately, my girls love her. I am just thankful for the fact that she is taking the important message from the movies. Just because the Barbie dolls at the store are not realistic, most kids don't see the fake bodies and beauty as much as they see friendships and love. My girls believe a good person is beautiful, I just wish they could stay this way forever.

IT IS the little things that can make a big change. Have you seen a small thing make a big change in your life?

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Teamarcia said...

That is so great that she picked up that sage advice out of a Barbie movie!
You're so right: it's the small changes we make everyday that amount to magnificent things.