Saturday, October 29, 2011

Rounding Out a Good Week of Training

If you live in the Northeast, you know the weather that we are currently experiencing right now. Snow, snow, snow. It is driving me crazy. My daughters asked me today if they can make snowmen tomorrow. Snowmen? What about scarecrow? It is Halloween on Monday, not Christmas. I am originally from northern Minnesota, so seeing snow in October is not unheard of, but I live in Massachusetts, we should not be experiencing a snow storm of 6-10 inches two days before Halloween.

Because of the upcoming snow storm, I decided to run my long run this morning instead of tomorrow. I was not in the mood to hit the treadmill for 17 miles tomorrow, so I figured, why not?

Why not? Ha! First of all, it was 33 degrees on my run at 10am this morning. It was only two months ago when I was watching my thermometer creep up and begging it to stay below 75 on my runs and now I begged it to creep up to 40. I wore shorts, as I am not ready to pull out the running tights and a thermal shirt with another shirt pulled over it. I was surprisingly comfortable.

Second, I ran a tempo run yesterday. 9 miles total with 4 miles at my tempo pace or 7:30 pace. I did it on the treadmill so that I could ensure hitting my paces which I did. Oh my legs were a bit tired from that run. I know it is not recommended to have back to back "hard" runs in your week, but it was either run today or back to the treadmill. Because of this, my pace was slower than my normal long run pace. My average pace was 9:29 for the 17 miles. I am perfectly satisfied with this pace. I kept telling myself during my run, one minute to two minutes slower than goal marathon pace. My goal marathon pace is around 8:10, so I am was doing OK. I also took is slow because I wanted to finish running strong. This is my first long run without my running partner in a while. My awesome running partner is down in DC getting ready to run the Marine Corp Marathon in the morning. I missed you today Steph and wish I was running with you tomorrow. Good luck and kill it!

Finally, the reason I shouldn't have been running today was the cumulative miles I have put in this week. This is what my training looked like this past week:
Sunday: 15 miles with 8 @ Goal Marathon Pace
Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 12 miles
Wednesday: 11 miles
Thursday: 5 miles
Friday: 9 miles with 4 @ Tempo Pace
Saturday: 17 miles (Should have been 5 recovery miles)

So my grand total of miles in the past 7 days is 69 miles. Cue crazy eyeballs! I have been averaging 55+ miles the past few years so that isn't a crazy number to see, but it was not in the plan obviously. My legs feel surprisingly fine after 69 miles, but will be happy to run only 5 tomorrow and have Monday off totally.

So there is my training for the past week in a nutshell. Now I must return to eating bagels and restoring some carbs.


Kerrie T. said...

Snow! It's crazy! Way to get your long run in, though. And holy mileage, Batman!

PS: Thanks for the follow. :)

Stephanie said...

U r crazy lady! U r going to kill Disney! Thanks for the shout out! I hate not running with you total lameness :( back at it this week!

Suz and Allan said...

Wow, your mileage is crazy! You're an inspiration!