Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Fear of Reinjuring Myself

I am now into my second week of training using Hal Higdon's Advanced Marathon 2 program. The first week was very light on the mileage but not on the intensity. This is working out great as I have been trying to gradually build up my mileage and intensity after the marathon and post-injury. For the most part, the last 10 days of training have been easy. For some odd reason, I am having muscle soreness in my quads which is a new thing, but I like good muscle soreness, so I am not complaining. I have been running on the treadmill as I can't stand being cold and my early mornings because of my job does not allow for much of a warm up so it is off to the gym. Every time I am on the treadmill, I am constantly aware of my achilles. I promise you all, I am not feeling any pain in my achilles. I have no swelling after my longer runs and I can easily go on my toes after every run. But I do have twinges that worry me, oh how I wish they would go away.

I am thinking of buying a pair of after-market insoles. At the moment I am looking at the Superfeet Performance Insoles.

If you have tried these or any others that your recommend, I would love your feedback. While at the Disney Expo, a Brooks representative recommended getting insoles for my shoes and that would solve my feet problem. Well, stupid me, didn't totally pay attention to what he was saying and can't remember which insoles he recommended. I have worn custom orthotics for almost 2 years and thought they were OK, but I am hesitant to put them in my shoes again. I would have to pay $250 to pick up my refurbished orthotics and risk putting my feet through what I just went through. I can't say I am rushing to pick those things up.

So today I may stop at my running store on the way home from work or I might just order a pair. So please, give me recommendations before I make my decision!


momof3 said...

I can't help with the inserts, so don't get excited.... but I feel your pain. Every time I go out for a run all I can think about is how NOT to hurt my knee again.
My one suggestion is from my "Witch Dr", and it's foot related in reference to preventing a repeat stress fracture - "stretch your hip flexors at 1/2 mile into your run. It will make you land your feet differently", or so he tells me.

Lisa said...

I've used off-the-shelf orthotics by Footsteps ( and liked them. I didn't compare brands or anything, they were just what my local sports medicine store sold. Recently I got custom molded inserts from Road Runner Sports, but they're rather pricey at about $80.

Karen said...

I don't have any recommendations but I really hope everything works out for you! I'm glad you found a training program that gets you back into it with ease! Good luck and I hope it starts feeling 100% with no aches or twinges! :0)

Caroline said...

Hmmm, haven't tried inserts myself, but have heard good things about Superfeet.

I tried that Advanced 2 program, and it chewed me up and spit me out, haha, so I'm back to the Advanced 1. I hope to try the 2 for my fall marathon.

Glad to hear your feet are doing well, and hope you find insoles that work well for you.

Katherine said...

Hi, I just found your blog while surfing around for running blogs. Hope I'm not too late to comment on this post. I have the pink Superfeet insoles and love them. They made a huge difference in how I run, and how I feel after I run. I've had great success with them. I haven't tried any other brands though, so I can't give too much advice.