Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super 5k & More Cookies

Today I did the same race that I did last year on Super Bowl Sunday, the Super 5k. It takes place in Lowell, Massachusetts and has glimpses of the Baystate Marathon, albeit, going the opposite way. My goal for this race was to go under 24 minutes. I didn't have high expectations as I wasn't sure if I had gotten my speed back up to where I wanted it after my 5 weeks off. It was also bitter cold today and my asthma doesn't do the greatest in cold weather.

The temperature at the start was in the low 20's but it was feels like 10 degrees with the wind. Standing around was torture and my legs were tightening up from being ice. The race started and it took at least 5 seconds to cross the starting line. There were way too many people that didn't line up where they belonged so a lot of weaving was necessary. Mile 1, I pretty much forced myself to slow down. I have a tendency to start out too fast and crash. After about 1/2 a mile I was finally warmed up and settled into a 7:13 pace. Mile 1 and 2 both have a few small hills, but nothing that hurt too much. I hit both miles at 7:13, which is an improvement on my past races where I consistently drop pace by at least 30 seconds per mile on each mile. Mile 3, my lungs started really hurting from the cold and heavy breathing, but I did try to maintain a semi-even pace. The people around me were slowing, so it was harder to see that I was slowing down, but I did finish mile 3 in 7:30, so still not terrible. I rounded the corner and saw the clock and saw that I had a chance at a PR, only a small one, but I had a chance. I ran as fast as possible, and crossed in 22:50 on the clock, although for some reason the official time said 22:52. It wasn't a chipped time race, rather they read out times, so not always totally accurate. I was extremely happy with this time as I knew it took me a few seconds to cross the starting line and my previous PR was 22:52. So I count that as a 2 second PR. I was hoping for a 23:45 (my time at this race last year) and I beat that by nearly a minute, so I was ecstatic.

Last year I won the Filly Division (Athena 140+ pound division for women), but I decided I wasn't going to register as a Filly this year as I wanted to see if I could place in my age group. Based on this year's results, I would have won the Filly division again. BUT, I am happy to report that I did get 3rd in my age group and did get a medal. The competition was much harder this year, so I didn't think I even had a chance. The overall results were: I was 68/332 overall, 4/50 in my age group (1st in my age group was 1st overall, so I got 3rd), and 13/140 for females. My husband ran a good race as well. He is a conservative runner and I am trying to get him to push himself harder and today he did push slightly harder, so I am proud.

My kids are in Hawaii with my mom and dad, so this weekend, I got a chance to do some baking. My final cake class for course 2 is tomorrow night so I had quite a bit of things to prepare. My sister's friend also had a baby, so I got to make some onesie cookies that I have been excited to make. Here are some pictures of my cookies and hopefully I will have a race picture this week with my new bondiband hat I wore in the race which I loved! (I will write a review once I get a picture)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Fear of Reinjuring Myself

I am now into my second week of training using Hal Higdon's Advanced Marathon 2 program. The first week was very light on the mileage but not on the intensity. This is working out great as I have been trying to gradually build up my mileage and intensity after the marathon and post-injury. For the most part, the last 10 days of training have been easy. For some odd reason, I am having muscle soreness in my quads which is a new thing, but I like good muscle soreness, so I am not complaining. I have been running on the treadmill as I can't stand being cold and my early mornings because of my job does not allow for much of a warm up so it is off to the gym. Every time I am on the treadmill, I am constantly aware of my achilles. I promise you all, I am not feeling any pain in my achilles. I have no swelling after my longer runs and I can easily go on my toes after every run. But I do have twinges that worry me, oh how I wish they would go away.

I am thinking of buying a pair of after-market insoles. At the moment I am looking at the Superfeet Performance Insoles.

If you have tried these or any others that your recommend, I would love your feedback. While at the Disney Expo, a Brooks representative recommended getting insoles for my shoes and that would solve my feet problem. Well, stupid me, didn't totally pay attention to what he was saying and can't remember which insoles he recommended. I have worn custom orthotics for almost 2 years and thought they were OK, but I am hesitant to put them in my shoes again. I would have to pay $250 to pick up my refurbished orthotics and risk putting my feet through what I just went through. I can't say I am rushing to pick those things up.

So today I may stop at my running store on the way home from work or I might just order a pair. So please, give me recommendations before I make my decision!