Friday, January 29, 2010

Who Knew I Could Always Be Busy and bondiband Headbands

When I took my new job there was a promise of down-time. I figured in my down-time I would be able to continue on with my normal blogging activities during that down-time. Well one more week into my job and I am exhausted and have barely had time to do anything on my computer. Honestly, this makes me happy as it makes time fly by while I am at work, but I am sad as I am soooooo behind on reading blogs and obviously posting.

I started training for the Vermont City Marathon this week. I decided to go with Hal Higdon's Advanced Marathon program. I chose his program as it was less miles but higher intensity. I proved to myself at Disney that I can maintain my fitness for the miles, but I know that there is a need for improvement for my speed. I ran Monday-Thursday this week so today is finally a day off. My week consisted of two recovery runs, one day of hill work, and one tempo run. Because I am in week 1, these were all short runs and while the hill work about killed me, it wasn't too bad. I also am continuing my strength training that I started while I was injured so I spend at least an hour at the gym every morning. Early mornings, I would say, have been the hardest adjustment to my new busy schedule.

Also, bondiband sent me a hat to review and some headbands for my girls to review. I look forward to trying out the hat this weekend and giving you a review. I currently wear bondiband headbands to the gym every morning and love them. I also wore my bondiband to the Disney Marathon as you saw in my pictures and it held my hair great without flying off my head and kept my ears so warm. Plus what better way to tell the people at the gym that you are a marathon runner than having a headband displaying it. Here is my favorite bondiband after the Disney Marathon.

And here are my peanuts wearing their Babes bondibands:

(Sorry the picture is not perfect, I was using my iPhone and Gabbie can never stand still for a picture so it is always blurry, I will take another one with a real camera when I review my hat.)

They love their headbands as they feel like their mommy when it goes on. They run non-stop around my house because they think they have to go running when they are wearing them. So far the headbands work great on their little heads. My girls have very thick hair and normal headbands never stay in place, plus they always complain about how uncomfortable headbands are. Their bondibands never fly off their head and keeps their hair out of their face which is nice for my 3 year old who is always complaining about hair in her face. I plan on ordering a few more for them as they are perfect for them.

Finally, here is a project I did with the little girl I work with. She loves baking and loves dogs so I brought my new cupcake book and we made chocolate lab cupcakes. She loved them as did my boss!


Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

Wow cute cupcakes. I just got my first Bondiband and will be testing it today.. Glad you are liking your job.

Running Diva Mom said...

I am bondi band obsessed!!! I have a bin full of them. Gotta have one to match every running outfit, ya know?! Those cupcakes are awesome, so unique!

crystal rhyno said...

I wish I could bake. I love the look of those cupcakes!

Karen said...

Cute headbands! There are some really cute designs on their site! I love the cupcakes, too! Very creative!! :0)

Tricia said...

The little ones are too cute!

And I love my bondibands!

Bethany + Ryan said...

the bands look so cute on your girls! Hey, crazy stuff in your town last night, huh? yikes! I was half asleep but it hink they said westford, right?

Sara - Words to Run By said...

Those cupcakes are ADORABLE! And, I love the picture of your girls - so pretty! :)