Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year!

So New Year's came quicker than expected and we are now in 2010. My husband took the week off to spend time with his family, but he spend New Year's Eve and most of New Year's Day working, not much family time.

New Year's Eve we did go over to my Mom's house and spent the evening with my sister's family and my parents. Both my sister and I are headed to Marathon Weekend next week so are pretty strict on our diets and we provided the food so we had a fairly healthy dinner. I made tortilla soup and homemade tortillas. Yum yum yum, I highly recommend making your own tortillas. My sister made taco salad and my mom bought an edible arrangement of fruit. So quite a delicious evening which I ended cleaning all night as my husband worked, fun fun.

My running this week went great but now my legs are about to kill me. Because of the weather, I attempted my long run twice therefore running 4 days in a row. I had no intention of running 4 days in a row, but I had to cut my run short on Thursday and I knew it was going to snow all weekend, so yesterday was the only chance I would have to get a run in. I ended up doing only 10 miles as my legs were tired from the long week of running but I felt pretty good. Today, my legs and feet are tired, but nothing unlike I felt last summer when I was building up mileage. So good sore, not bad sore and I plan on taking 2 days off and only running a few days next week.

And because it is 2010, I will list my New Year's Resolutions. First of all, I am so happy 2009 is finally over. My luck was not the greatest in 2009 from getting bit by a dog in February, wiping out on my run and nearly breaking my hand in July, missing my BQ at Twin Cities because of a random cramp, to my first DNF because of achilles tendonitis. I did have a lot of fun and a lot to be thankful for from my Disney Marathon in January, my first sub-4 marathon at Vermont City, plus many fun vacations and new PR's.

This is a new decade and I am now 30, so I am hoping to start many new things. Like a fellow blogger, Tricia, who's blog you HAVE to check out, I am thankful I don't have to say I want to lose weight this year. This year I want to be healthy. Yes, the scale sometimes creeps up on me, but that is always something that I can fix quickly, I need to make year-long goals and here they are.
1) Eat cleaner--Halfway through this past year I really focused on clean eating and it worked well with my body, but I let that go to the side, especially through the holidays. This year is going to be a year of healthy, aware eating.
2) Cross-train more--This is something I really made a habit of while I was injured so I am hoping to continue you this on now that I am running again. I feel stronger from swimming and weight training and can't wait to see what that can do for my running after I get a normal training cycle in.
3) Stick to a Budget--This is our big family resolution this year. We bought way too many big-ticket items this year and the holiday season was not too much fun because of it. We have now learned to buy less groceries and say no to things we want and hopefully this new knowledge will only be a beginning for 2010. This is also where me finding a job comes in. Financially, it is too expensive for me to stay home with my girls at this time. This is the hardest decision to make, but I am going back to work. I already have some leads with a nanny agency, so I am hoping the one I am really interested in pans out because it is good money and something different than my last job.

Happy New Year everyone!


HEATHER @ runfastermommy! said...

Happy New Year! I'm thinking of running Vermont City marathon this year (I grew up in Vermont) but I'm intimidated by the hills, as SC (where I live now) is flatter than a pancake! Was it really hilly?

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

Happy New Year!! Our budget will get tighter as we are hoping to buy a new house in the next few months.

I hope you can find the FUN in 2010

Christina said...

I just found your blog. Good luck on your race next week. I've heard the Goofy Challenge is really a challenge and I envy you for having the endurance to do it. Good luck.