Tuesday, January 19, 2010

First Day of Work

One of my New Year's resolutions was to take charge of my life and start a new beginning. This was more of a financial resolution and in order to do this, I needed to find a new job. I have been a stay-at-home mom for the past 18 months and loved it. Unfortunately, we could no longer afford for me to stay at home, so my job hunt began.

I really had no particular job in mind when setting out to find a job. One of my fears of starting a new job was the fear of giving up my running. I know a lot of you work and run, but my last job had a lot of hours, so it was an easy task. I think people who work long hours and keep up with their families and running are amazing, so way to go to you all!

I sent out resumes for about a week before I submitted my application to a nanny agency. My last job, I was a nanny for nearly 5 years, so I figured I would at least find work as a nanny. And I did. The nanny agency immediately called me back and within a few weeks I had an offer for a new job, making more money than I was making when I quit my last job, obviously good motivation to accept the position.

At this time I really only know the mom as I only interviewed with her, but I really got to know her and she seems great. She is an athlete at a professional level, so she obviously has a love for sports. (Her name is not one you would know, nor would I divulge information if I did happen to meet anyone through my job that you may have heard of.) Something she really emphasized during the interview process and with the nanny agency is that she wants me to maintain my love for running. She wants to allow for me to run while I am working if I have down time and allow for a flexible schedule so that I will always get my runs in. This was by far one of the motivating factors for immediately accepting a job with this family. I really wanted a job that understood my passion and I really think she does. I may also do some traveling with this family which is another bonus. I even applied for my passport finally so that I am ready to travel when they need me.

I will not be bringing my kids to work with me as I did on my last job. I don't feel it is fair for my kids to be in the car a lot or come to work so they will stay home with my mom who lives next door. For the most part, their lives, hopefully will not be too disrupted. I will miss staying home with my girls, but I do really look forward to saving some money this year.

I did finally run for the first time today since the marathon. I only did 3.5 miles and it was a pretty routine run. I still plan on taking an easy week this week as marathon training for Vermont starts next week. I haven't yet registered for Vermont, but plan on doing it once I get a few weeks into training and see that my achilles tendons are behaving. I don't want to again be forced to run a marathon because I paid the fees. At this point I also don't have a time goal for the race. I will see how training goes and then set goals once I know if I still have some speed left after my crazy winter of no running.

This week I plan on writing up a review on the gear I used during the marathon, so look for that. Finally, here is the cake that I made for my sister who turned 34 today....Happy Birthday Kelli!


Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

VERY cool!! Congrats.. I think I would like being a personal assistant, then I think I would rather HAVE a personal assistant.. LOL!!

Marathon training YIPPEE

Teamarcia said...

Congrats and good luck with your new job! Pretty cake--your sis is a lucky birthday girl!

Stephanie Nichole said...

Ok congrats on the new job.... but you should totally be a cake decorator. Like a lady "Cake Boss!" Sorry... I'm going through an obsession with cake decorating lately and yours is sooo pretty!!!

Thanks for the high hopes for my ankle... I'm hoping its all good too! Lots of ice.

Good luck with the new job... sounds like you have a great new boss whos understanding of your running!


Running Diva Mom said...

good luck with your transition. You and your children will do well. It sounds like the family will be a great one to work with. Keep up that running girl. You'll find a new schedule that works for you and your family. I just know it.

Caroline said...

Congratulations on the new job!! Sounds like it's a perfect fit. I would second the above comments too on being a professional baker :)

Suzy said...

Congrats on your job! I hope it is the perfect fit. Love the cake - you did an awesome job on it.

momof3 said...

I am in school right now, and really nervous about what happens when I finish... will I have time to run once I get a full time job? But then I remind myself of the thoughts I had in the early phase of marathon training, "will I have time to run 16, 18, 20 miles?" and when the time came, I made the time because I love it. I suspect that you will make time for this, because you love it too. Congratulations on the New Job, it sounds like a match made in heaven!

candlerun (htabby) said...

What a nice new boss! Good luck in your training and great looking cake, your sis I am sure will love it (or already has! lol )