Saturday, January 31, 2009

I Hate Cold Weather

It is so darn cold outside. I really hate winter and today is convincing me even more that I can not live in Massachusetts forever. I took the kids swimming at the gym today. They loved it. Mommy froze in the water. It was great fun. Then we went to lunch where I continued to shiver. I ran home and it took 10 minutes in a hot shower for my pads of my feet to no longer be numb. And I am supposed to run a 5K tomorrow outside. I have been so hesitant to run outside since Honolulu....I was just too spoiled. But I promised my sister I would run the race with her, so I will just put on a layer or 2 or 5. I am also pretty nervous about this race. I haven't done a 5K since last March. Since then I have ran 3 marathons. Yeah, that makes a whole lot of sense. My strategy for running a marathon is all set in my mind, a 5K not so much. I am nervous about what pace I should go out at. We will see!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

My Little Genius

So for Christmas, Santa brought Bridget the Leapfrog Smart Globe. This was a last minute gift that I found on Amazon while we were in Hawaii....I was missing using my Amazon Prime, so thought this was the perfect thing to fulfill my addiction.

When we bought the globe, we were anticipating her getting more use out of it when she gets older, but I figured, at such a great price, I want it now. Now 1 month later and my little genius knows 50+ countries. And I am not exaggerating. She knows where places such as Nigeria and Cuba and Ukraine are. She knows where countries are that I didn't even knew existed until we brought this globe home. It has a game built in that lists a country and you have to click on it. Eric and I are addicted to playing it and are every day topping our high score. But, my little 3 year old could probably beat almost everyone in my family at this point. I guess kids soak in things a lot more than adults. So here I am, a proud stay-at-home mom who was worried when my stubborn child refused to count in order. I thought we were going to have problems when she went to school, but instead we have the future Geography Bee champion in our home.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Vermont City Marathon

So I booked my next marathon today. I am headed to Burlington, VT for the Vermont City Marathon on May 24th. I am really excited. I wanted to do this marathon last year, but my Plantar Fasciitis convinced me otherwise. I am a little worried about the hills, but I am hoping I can incorporate some hills into my training. I am going to attempt Pfitz 18/55 program. I followed his in-between marathon program for Honolulu and had great results, so we will see how this goes. My goal is sub-4 hours.

Today was day 1 of my training, though I am starting in week 2 due to my recovery from Disney. Cross-training at the gym, oh how I dislike thee. I have no patience on elliptical machines, I get too bored. But tomorrow is 8 miles. Yes, I finally get to up my weekly mileage again. I gained some holiday/marathon weight, so I have been working my butt off to get those pounds off, so I am excited to up my mileage, and then I can eat more.

Oh and I have a 5K this weekend. I haven't done a 5K since last year, so I am hoping to set a PR. We will see, it is quite cold, and I hate running in the cold.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

My Future Runners

So I don't think my little Munchkins are going to be star runners like I was hoping. Since I never ran when I was younger, I was hoping my kids would live a dream I can never have of being a good runner. While they both love running and doing races, I learned at Disney that they aren't going to be my star athletes when they are older.

Bridget, my almost 4 year old, prances instead of runs. She is very tall like her dad, yet during her race she was seen prancing across the track, not going forward. The Princess Half Marathon that I am doing in March would be her dream race.

Gabbie, my 2 year old, is a bowl full of energy. But she wastes her energy in her arms and stamping her feet. Now she will either end up with shin splints or hitting the wall as she gets too excited and will probably go out way faster than need be. I guess she could run 5K's instead of marathons and that hard running will not be wasted. Here is a picture of my cute little winners!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New PR at Disney

So I finished Disney yesterday and got another PR. I will post Race Reports for Honolulu soon, but wanted to get this one out as it is fresh in my head.

Going into this race I had a few goals in mind as I didn't know how my body would react to only 4 weeks of recovery after Honolulu. Honolulu was a fun marathon with a big hill, but the recovery seemed fine, although I didn't run more than 12 miles in the 4 weeks leading up to Disney. My goals were A--Best Case Scenario on a Really Good Day--Sub 4. I knew this wasn't going to happen, but I wanted to start out to shoot for this, as I know I have it in me. B--Could happen if my legs recovered--Sub 4:19. C--If all else fails, please beat this time--4:30, which is faster than Twin Cities, but I know I didn't do my best there.

So the night before the marathon sucked VERY badly. We shared a hotel room with my mom, who had the tv on until late and the kids weren't falling asleep well and neither was I due to nerves. I fell and asleep and woke up for a few hours and then finally fell asleep about 12:30. My alarm was set for 2:45, so that gave me just over of 2 hours of good sleep.

We got to Epcot about 4:00 or so and met a few Disney Running people at the R tent. It was fun meeting new people and being apart of a supportive group. It was great seeing all the orange out there.

We were in the B coral which was really cool. I love seeing all the athletes as I still don't consider myself a good runner, but yet, I was starting with GOOD runners. The fireworks at the start were awesome, much better than last year, and we were off.

I started running at roughly a 9 minute pace. The 4 hour pace group FLEW by Eric and I, but I wasn't worried as my Garmin said I was right on pace so I kept where I was at as I didn't want to burn out. We made it for about 10 miles with an average of about 9:08, right on pace. Then came Magic Kingdom. Entering Magic Kingdom is AMAZING. Main Street was full of people and seeing the castle motivates you. Needless to say my splits dropped below 8:50 at this time without even trying. Passing through the castle was as awesome as my first time last year, as I am sure it will be every time. So after exiting Magic Kingdom, my average pace was down below 9:03, so I made up quite a bit of time. Soon after I hit the halfway point at 2:00:35. This was perfect for my 4 hour marathon, but I also knew I couldn't keep this up. I was tired. My legs were fine, but mentally I was exhausted. My lack of sleep from the past few days was hitting me really hard. I told Eric to go ahead without me as I didn't want to mess him up. About 3/4 of a mile later, I was spent and got off the course to go to the bathroom. While sitting in the porta potty I had a little conversation with myself. At this point I wanted to quit. I justified quitting. I was exhausted, I already had done this marathon, I just finished a marathon 4 weeks ago. I really was OK with quitting. I was going to leave the porta potty and find someone to take me to the finish line. I stood up to leave and find someone and then decided I wasn't finished. I sat back down. (Yup, I spent way too long in here....I wasn't really using the bathroom this long, this was my "Mental Place") This time I thought about how I could finish the next 12 miles of this race without dropping on the ground. The first thought that came to mind was I could call my sister and chat with her on the phone. I had almost 5 hours to finish in the time limit and we could always chat that long. (Yeah, I hate when people talk on the phone during the race, but I wasn't thinking straight at this point.) I also had my camera on my phone, so I could take pictures if I wanted to. Finally I thought that I could just try it one more time and stop when I needed to. I didn't know how long it would take for the sweep bus to get me to the finish line...I didn't want to have to sit for hours on a bus with other stinky DNF's as Deena Kastor had to do in Bejing. I was too tired and knew that would mentally kill me. So about 5 minutes later, I left my resting place and got back on the road. I was going to run and see what would happen. Well my little rest really helped me as all the faster people were gone so I didn't have to have a ton of people pass me as I started my new pace. So at this point, I slowed down to a 9:45-10 minute mile and started having fun. I yelled and blew kisses at characters. I encouraged other runners and really kicked into gear. Animal Kingdom was a blast as there were a ton of characters out and a few bands. My splits were around 9:30 in here. After Animal Kingdom, I knew I only had the same 15K left that I did in the Minnie Marathon in May. I blew a kiss to Mickey and headed out on my last 9 miles.

This should have been the point in the race where I hit the wall as many runners do and I did last year. It was all highway and quite boring, but my pace was consistent and I felt fine. There is an out and back 2 mile turn around where you can see the runners in front of you. During this turn around I saw my husband, who was about a mile in front of me. I blew a kiss to him and was so proud of him and kept on trucking along, about a 10 minute pace. My knee was hurting very badly and there is an incline and slanted highway going into Hollywood Studios, but I made it off the highways, I knew I was in the home stretch. I passed the chocolate stop and before I knew it, I saw Eric just in front of me. I caught up to him and said lets run this in. We ran for about a quarter of a mile when he told me he couldn't keep up so to go ahead and I did.

Next it was exiting the park and heading down the Boardwalk. Along the Boardwalk, I met up with a fellow Disney Running runner who was walking and I reminded him we were almost there and to keep running. He ran with me for a few minutes until we made it to the last water stop. Holy cow, we were in Epcot. I don't walk through water stops as I am afraid my legs wouldn't keep moving so I said my goodbye's and headed through the countries of Epcot. The countries went by quick and then I saw the "Big Ball"....The finish line was just around the corner. This is when I really started to get excited. I was yelling and jumping around. Don't ask me where this energy came from. Around the corner was the choir, which was amazing. Again I yelled and waved and turned the next corner. There was the much anticipated Finish Line. I took off in a sprint. I passed about 15 people in my final sprint. I high fived Chip and Dale and jumped across the finish line. 4:16:52. Yup, I accomplished Goal B. I was perfectly fine with this, as I was done. I waited for Eric to cross, who finished 3 minutes later.

We did it. 3 Marathons in 3 1/2 months. 2 marathons in 4 weeks. 2 days later and my legs feel fine. I have no idea what is next in terms of a marathon, but I am doing the Princess Half in March so I guess that is where my training is headed.

Sorry this was so long, but I wanted to document my mental struggle that actually turned out great. Also, for any volunteers or Disney Running people that are reading this, THANK YOU! It was so nice to have your support out there.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Disney Marathon, up next

So I obviously haven't posted in a long time. This is only a quick update as I have to finish packing.

Honolulu went better than I expected. I finished in 4:19. I wanted to finish in 4 hours, but this first half was in pouring rain, and I wanted to make sure I finished strong so I slowed it down so that I could finish, and I did. No walking for me.

4 weeks later comes to Sunday and the Disney Marathon. Before I was going to cancel the marathon as I couldn't imagine only 4 weeks in between marathons, but nope, I am going to do it. Who knows how I will do, but I am setting 4 hours as my goal again, as I know I have it in me. The question is, am I recovered in order to do this? Update next week hopefully...