Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Marathon Dreams

So the marathon dreams began last night. I am usually the person who has nightmares before my marathons. The running dreams where your feet aren't even touching the ground. The ones where you show up to the starting line an hour after the race started. I have a vivid imagination.

Last night I had my first marathon dream for my race next week. When I say it was a dream, it really was a DREAM and not a NIGHTMARE. I completed the Goofy Challenge and was waiting for my sister to cross the finish line...(she is only doing the half, so again another dream)...and when she crossed she asked how I did and I said without any excitement, 3:28.....A few moments later I said "I guess I must have qualified for Boston, huh?"

AHHH! Can you imagine? If I got a 3:28, I would be in shock and celebration. There is no way I would be so indifferent about a 3:28.

But, yes, a dream as there will be no PR's set at Disney. My "training" has been going great since I started running again just over 2 weeks ago, but I am being as conservative as I possibly can. My shorter runs are being run between 8:30-9:15 pace and my "long" runs are being run at 10:00 pace. I am pretty sure I could handle faster, but I don't want to push myself and set myself back. I completed an 11 mile run in the rain on Sunday and felt great. I hadn't ran over 8 miles since October, so this was quite a milestone in my recovery. I really want to get a 13 mile run in before I leave for Florida so tomorrow or Thursday may be the big day. I may also do a 12 mile run this weekend to round out my marathon training for this training cycle. I can't say I ever pictured my Goofy training to include such low mileage. My endurance seems to be fine on my runs....My leg muscles do get a little bit tired during my run, but I feel no soreness the next day so I have no fears of my legs being sore on Sunday of marathon weekend.

But the excitement has set in and I can't wait to leave for Florida. I am on a first-class flight to Orlando next Friday and we will immediately hit the expo and get some shopping done before relaxing without kids at the hotel for the races. So, yayyyy, taper is here minus actually tapering since my legs are not tired but anxious. :)

Here are my girls dancing last night at Jordan's Furniture.....They have a Mardi Gras show all day to entertain the kids when shopping. It was cheap entertainment for us as we were out spending gift cards and figured we would give them something extra to do.


Lacey Nicole said...

3:28!!! hehehe. that would rule. your girls are so cute!!!! we were at jordan's in natick for avatar last week. what a place!

Croughwell said...

Good luck with Goofy! I hope I can finish. I haven't been running much since the honolulu marathon.

Tricia said...

Good luck!

And the kiddos are too cute :)