Friday, December 11, 2009

Great Week at Physical Therapy

First of all, I am NOT running my 5k on Sunday. :o) I am sure you probably guessed this.

I started my physical therapy on Tuesday this week and went again today. I love going to physical therapy. How can you not enjoy someone who massages your legs and helps you exercise?

Tuesday's appointment was basically a consultation of my injury. FINALLY, someone was going to listen to me and evaluate my situation. The physical therapist determined that I was in between the acute tendonitis stage and the chronic tendinosis stage. Tendinosis is bad and takes longer to heal, so I was very thankful for that. Because I am in the inbetween stage, it is harder to treat. First he told me to stop taking NSAIDs. I read the same thing online. Your achilles has a low blood supply, therefore it takes longer to heal. If you are taking an anti-imflammatory (I have no idea how to spell and am too lazy to look up!), you are decreasing your limited blood to the ankle, so I stopped them. (The podiatrist prescribed me a strong NSAID without when she rushed me out of her office.) He also put me on an arc trainer to see if I can handle the easy work out and I was also given some stretches. The first physical therapist I saw said I would be running within 10 or so days, but I hadn't told him my plan for the marathon.

Today was appointment #2 with a new physical therapist who was a marathoner/triathlete and therefore was even more knowledgeable of my goals of getting back on the road. Immediately he asked when I planned on racing again and I finally mentioned the marathon. He was a little hesitant to say I would be OK to run it because of my limited training that I would get once I finally started running. I informed him of my current training in the water and he was really impressed. He said that it is great for my cardiovascular, but that nothing can replace the pounding of road running. This is something I am well aware of and worries me, but he didn't say he was doubtful I could handle the race. After 11 minutes on the arc trainer, which has no strain on my achilles I did some new stretches that really stretched out my calves and achilles. Next, was my favorite part, the ultrasound/massage. He took a ultrasound machine to my achilles, sending ultrasound waves at the tendon. He said because of the vibrating, he could tell I did have some tears in there but that this would increase the blood supply and hopefully aid in the healing process. After that he massaged my calf again directing the blood towards my achilles. I got off the table and my leg felt GREAT! Next I did some more stretches and he told me that he felt that next week we would have one more session and I would start running after that. AHHHH!!! That was the best news I had heard in a long time. I am going to begin treadmill running, then go to the track, and finally return to the road. I will be one happy girl when I get back out on the road.

The physical therapist also talked to me a lot about orthotics. He doesn't believe in orthotics at all and thinks that all foot problems are a result of trying to correct things. I obviously have done recent research and have similar feelings. (When I was wearing my Newton's without orthotics, the pain was not as bad, but I thought that was a coincidence.) I have a few pairs of shoes I will test out the next few weeks to see if I can handle running without those expensive inserts. He did say to bring them along on runs just in case, so we will soon see.

So, yes, it was a good week with my injury situation. I have continued my pool training. Last week I spent 9 1/2 hours at the pool, and this week will be just a little less because I took a day off during our snowstorm and I may take my birthday off. :o) I wouldn't not run on my birthday, but can't say I will rush to the pool on my birthday. I will be going to the Jingle Bell 5k on Sunday, but am NOT running the race. I have emailed the race director and may volunteer if I can find the place they told me to go, or I may just take pictures OR I may walk the race. After the race, they are having a post-race celebration in MANY bars in the area so hopefully I can have a few 30th birthday drinks. (Jen, I don't know if I could ever manage 30 drinks, I was dizzy after only 2 glasses of wine at my husband's holiday party last night.)

Finally, I will leave you with pictures of more food. I made some holiday cookies for the kids at my husband's holiday party and my final cake for my class. My class if over until January so no cakes for a few weeks to post pictures of, but I am excited to try some more cookies.

My first shot at royal icing and sugar cookies. This was a great recipe!

My birthday cake....Look at my roses! Those things were not easy and I am tempted to not let anyone eat them.

And finally, my little munchkins getting ready to play in the snow on Wednesday. They loved it! I didn't enjoy snow blowing as much....Husband chose the perfect day to be out of town!


Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

Look at those pretty cakes. Happy Birthdayish.. Right??

Carlee said...

hopefully things work out so that you can do Hyannis too; it would be great to meet. Good luck!

Suzy said...

Happy Birthday!! Your cake and cookies look wonderful. I hope you can help out at the race or walk it today.

aron said...

YAY glad PT is going so well :) you will be out running again in no time!

Caroline said...

This physical therapist sounds great. I love when they are runners and know exactly what you are talking about. Interesting about the NSAIDs, I think I've read that somewhere too.

Also thought you might be interested to hear that the Canadian women's marathon record holder (a record which she's held like since the 1970s) trained and won races with pool running when she was injured. I heard her speak recently and she talked a lot about the pool running and how key it was for her when she was unable to run for a while.

I can't wait to hear how this guy gets you back on the roads and to that marathon, with your persistance it will be possible!

As always, really enjoyed the pics :)

Caroline said...

Hey just wanted to say thanks for your nice comment the other day ... I ended up deleting that Forty and Fierce post, but really appreciated your kind words! :)