Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Not sure what's next

So it has been over a week since my last post. I ended up getting plantar faciitis either during or after the marathon because of my dead shoes so I have not been in the greatest mood for reading or writing about running. I literally could not even walk for a few days because my feet were in so much pain. It looks like I was in the wrong shoe for my gait. I am a supinator, meaning, my feet roll outwards when I run. After inspecting my shoes you could see the wear on the outside of my shoes was terribly worn down. I remember complaining about my feet during the marathon, but I thought it was normal foot pain. When the pain wouldn't go away after the marathon I realized I had PF.

So I am running Marathon #2 on Sunday and I have no shoes to run the race in. My local running store is being nice and exchanging my shoes out for another pair, but they are trying to get another pair in for me in time for the marathon. A pair that he thinks will work with my gait. So I only have one more scheduled run and currently running in my new Newton's. I LOVE my Newton's but am not sure I am ready to run a marathon in them. I ran 8 miles in them on Sunday and my calves have been screaming at me all week. I ran a very fast, fun 3 miles today in my new, beautiful shoes. These shoes are SOOO light!

I am not done with my race report yet. Reliving all the events leading up to the race and then the actual race isn't so fun. Yes, I finished with a positive attitude, but I am still mad that my training cycle was wasted. Nothing was working with me that day, and I knew that I needed PERFECT conditions in order to run a BQ as I was only trained for a perfect race, not much negotiation.

Baystate Marathon is on Sunday and I am running it with my sister. She just wants to finish, but it will take a lot of discipline not to start out too fast as I know she can do really well, but am afraid she will blow up at the end if we don't run smart. She wants to finish under 5 hours so we are thinking 4:45, I think we can do a 4:30, so I may push for that. I am not nervous about this race at all as I see it as a fun one. She on the other hand is full of nerves. :)

I am still contemplating training plans for Goofy. My painful feet really made me question my recovery from this next marathon, but I am feeling so much better today. I think I may make it through the next few months. I have decided to focus more on speed work and may also run my long runs faster. The program I am looking at doesn't include as many long runs, but more fast runs. Fun stuff! I have a 5k schedule for my 30th birthday, and I would love a very good PR. My current PR is 22:52, I think I can get a 22:15, what do you think?

I apologize for the lack of posts. I am not sure what I plan to do with the blog from here on out. It is hard to blog when you aren't running and when you are feeling negative thoughts towards running. I still love training for marathons, but I am frustrated that we put so much into that one day where you can simply not eat a full breakfast and be nervous and everything goes down to the tubes. So please bear with me through the next few weeks as I recover from another marathon and get back into normal training....I am not the same person when I can't run.


Carlee said...

Thanks for the update and I'm sorry about your feet!! I'm very excited to hear about bay state; I've wondered about that race. I'm also jealous of your goofy challenge; I'll definetly be up for the challenge someday. As it stands now, I'm up for it, but my bank account is not!!!! Enjoy the rest of your recovery and good luck on the shoes

Croughwell said...

I'm doing the Goofy Challenge too! Good luck!

Kristina said...

Hope to see you Sunday! Good luck with the PF--I've been there and feel your pain.
Your training cycle was not a waste at all--it's experience in the bank which is a marathoner's best asset. I'm sure you're a much stronger runner than you were before you started that cycle, and a single day at a marathon means less than the months of strengthening you had.
Re. training plans, making your long runs faster isn't conventional, obviously depending on how slow you've been running them, but adding in race pace miles at the end of those runs is really good. Whose plan are you using? The idea to focus on speed work is a really great idea.
Good luck to you and your sister this weekend!
(sorry for such a long comment!)

Alison said...

Sending you a big a hug - I'm sorry you're going through a tough time right now.

Hope the marathon goes well this weekend with your sister - I love that your running her first marathon with her.

I think focusing on speed work could be a great way to change it up, I know that running gets boring for me if I don't keep it fresh with new way to challenge myself!

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

OK I am SAD reading this post. I think of you as an online friend and I will REALLY miss you if you don't post or read Blogs anymore. But I understand. Maybe you just need to hibernate for a while.

I know you are get a 5K PR especially in your new light Newtons. I Pray your feet feel better for the Marathon this weekend. Enjoy your time with your sister..