Monday, October 5, 2009

Marathon Results and Giveaway Results

So another marathon is in the books and no PR and no BQ for me. I will post a race report after I get home this week, but I just wanted to give a quick update. I finished in 4:09. I knew within minutes of beginning the race that I wasn't going to have a good race. Somehow, I had a side cramp within a mile that lasted until mile 11. The cramp drained all my energy and I managed to hold onto my pace until mile 13 and then I gave up because my stomach wasn't cooperating. I knew after my 3 minute bathroom stop that I would never be able to make up the time to BQ and my heart wasn't set on a small PR so I basically turned the rest of the race into a long run. I was very disappointed in missing my goal, but not disappointed in myself. That cramp was not because I ran too hard as I ran my first 2 miles slower than goal pace. My last mile of the marathon was at a 7:30 pace so I obviously had a lot left in the tank.

While my goal was not met, this was probably one of my most favorite marathons ever. My sister came to town with me to watch and was a great supporter. When I started to get tired and frustrated I made myself continue until I saw her and then I talked her into running with me. Yes, my sister was a bandit, but I needed someone with me at that point. She ran with me from mile 18.5 until 25 where she ran to the finish line on the sidelines. Sharing the experience with her was very fun and really helped me to push through my mental thoughts of quitting. I crossed that finish line smiling just as much as I did when I PR'd in May. I know I could have had at least a 3:50 yesterday but I didn't care as I wanted to just enjoy the experience. I know there will be more marathons to reach my goals and I am so proud that I can say I finished my 6th marathon with my 2nd best time.

So this was not a PR and it wasn't a PB, but it was the one my favorites. Thank you Kelli for being my big sister. I couldn't have finished without you and would not be smiling today without your support and for making that race so fun. Kelli took a lot of video of the race including while we were running so I will have her do a guest blog post within the next week after we get the video uploaded.

What's next for me.......For sure I am doing the Goofy Challenge in January. I would like to try for my BQ again as I feel like my chances went out the window before my body could perform. I was able to maintain BQ pace for 13 miles without a problem even though my stomach was in a lot of pain. I would like to see if I can actually get my BQ under better circumstances. I think I put so much thought into this race, that I may have psyched myself out before I even got there. (I couldn't even eat breakfast as I was so nervous, no breakfast does not equal a good thing before running 26 miles.) So right now I am thinking I may register for CIM as I have a friend to stay with, I just need to talk my husband into it. I need to decide quickly or I will miss the registration. If I don't do that, then I may push my BQ dreams back a year, so we will see.

Now onto the giveaway....The winner of the Mile 22 Bags giveaway was #3, Aron from Runners Rambles:

Blogger aron said...
those are awesome bags!! what a fun idea :) i think i would want to put all my marathons on it.

GOOD LUCK this weekend!! i am SO pulling for you!!!!

Aron, I am a big fan of yours and I know you will get your BQ in December at CIM. I hope I get a chance to run and get my BQ there as well and would love to meet up with you! Aron, please email me your full name and address and I will get you in contact with Mile 22 Bags.

So that's all for now. We are in Minnesota for another 2 days visiting family. Traveling here was a nightmare, and I will cover that in my race recap. This race was just not meant to be. I wanted to wish a congratulations to a new friend from my hometown who ran a 3:25 yesterday at Twin Cities Marathon. Her goal was a 3:40 and she ran a 3:25, WOW! Congratulations Jen, I can't wait to see you at Boston!


Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

I am GLAD to hear that you really enjoyed yourself :) I went online yesterday and tracked you...I know stalker right?? Oh well. I was SAD when I saw your finish time, only because I knew how hard you were trying to BQ.

It is ironic that Aron won your giveaway, she missed her BQ yesterday too... I think that CIM would be the ticket for both of you.

Darn sideache!! I am convinced that being nervous killed my chances of BQ too.. BEing able to sleep and eat is so important. Congrats on holding the pace for 13 and for a 7:30 last mile.. CRAZY!!

aron said...

I am sorry you missed your BQ but I totally know what you went through that race. In Eugene Chris ran with me from 18-25 and it was seriously my lifesaver. I wouldve loved to have someone out there yesterday too. These races are so hard, and you never know how your body is going to react that day and its frustrating. But finishing with a smile is ALWAYS good and getting back out there is good too :) I am definitely going to be racing CIM... its the best marathon and holds my PR from last year which was just 3:28 off a BQ. It would be great to have you there :)

I AM SO EXCITED I won!!! I will email you right now :)

Hang in there, keep your head high, you finished strong and have another marathon under your belt. Let me know when you decide about CIM. I think reg closes in Nov?

Lisa said...

Sorry to hear it wasn't your day for a BQ, but I'm glad you still enjoyed the race. It's nice that you sister was such a great supporter. And while it was not a PR, it sounds like you did the best you could under the circumstances. I hope you enjoy the rest of your time with your family!