Sunday, October 25, 2009

How I Will Get to the Goofy Challenge

Well recovery from the Baystate Marathon has been going fine, but my ankle from the Twin Cities Marathon still has a nagging pain. I have been running, but it takes a mile to even warm up and the next day my foot hurts worse. My foot pain has caused me to rethink my training for the next few months.

I obviously wanted to maintain my BQ fitness that I got over the summer. I worked my butt off and know that given the right opportunity that I will qualify for Boston if all things go well. The Goofy Challenge does not make for a perfect marathon as I will be tired from the 1/2 marathon the day before. Because of this, I decided to take it easy this training cycle and let my legs and mind have some time off.

Originally, I thought I would try the Pfitzinger 70 mile plan again, but with some thought and a sore foot screaming at me, I have changed my mind. I have decided on Hal Higdon's Advanced 2 program. The program incorporates much more speed work than I am used to but the mileage is down a lot from what I am used to. I have added miles to the program so that I peak at around 63, but for the time being I will run the program as it stands until my foot starts feeling better.

I also decided I am really going to focus on paces that resemble my current fitness rather than BQ paces. I am very close to the fitness I need, but I have yet to prove it in my shorter races. For example, I need to drop 12 seconds in my 5k and about 30 seconds in my 15k. My half marathon time should be about 2 1/2 minutes faster than it currently is. I do think I am there but I am not going to train as if I am there until I prove it. I will be running my half marathon in 2 weeks, so hopefully I can see improvement, but that is all dependent on how my foot behaves. At the moment, I honestly don't even think I will PR in my half based on the pain my foot is giving to me.

As for goals for the Goofy Challenge, my main goal is to complete both races and to have fun. Running Baystate really reinforced to me that running marathons is fun and shouldn't be stressful. I have no time goal other than to hopefully go sub-4 in the marathon, but I would rather finish smiling than to think about a time goal.

My upcoming week appears to be pretty easy. I have 2 recovery runs of 3 and 4 miles. I have a tempo run of 40 minutes and a marathon pace run of 3 miles and then 8 and 17 miles scheduled for next weekend. The weekday runs should be easy enough and should hopefully give my foot some time to rest. I also plan on really upping my cross-training this training cycle. I started the 30 Day Shred again, but who knows how long it will last as my body hurts from doing it. :)

As for when I will try to qualify for Boston again, I am thinking about trying sometime this spring. My husband and I need to discuss where we want to go for a spring marathon and then I will set that as my goal. So Boston 2011, hopefully, here I come!


Caroline said...

Hope your ankle is feeling better soon!

I love the Higdon Advanced 2 program!! After Pfitz it will feel so laid back, I imagine.

Like the idea of enjoying the Goofy, since apparently it's supposedly crazy busy in those corrals, and might as well just goof off a bit and enjoy (Okay, that was a little silly, but I couldn't resist.)

Jenn said...

Hope your foot takes a turn for the better soon. Your body hasn't had much rest in the last couple of years and might be trying to tell you something! I think you are taking a smart approach with your training and in regards to Goofy. It is quite a feat in itself just to complete the Goofy challenge, time aside! Have fun picking a spring marathon! See you in the starting corral Boston 2011!

Lacey Nicole said...

will you go anywhere for a marathon? fort collins colorado marathon is supposed to be great for BQ. i ran the half which is the second half of the marathon course and loved it!!! plus it's really pretty out there.