Saturday, September 19, 2009

PR but not a PB

I recently listened to a podcast from Running with the Pack and it really is a good reflection of my thoughts for today's 5k.

The podcast focused on your personal record versus your personal best. The reason they talked about this was for people who may never reach a personal record ever again as they set a PR when they were younger and much faster. You may never get that PR but you may get a Personal Best (PB). Your personal best is your best performance you could have performed on that day alone. Obviously, you may describe these words differently, but I really thought it was a great description.

So anyways, onto my 5k. The good news is, I got a PR. The bad news is, this was definitely not a PB.

This was a race put on by a local family who's son had a wish granted by Make a Wish Foundation so now they give back to the foundation. I must say, this is one of my favorite charities that I have ran a race for, so I will be back next year. The race was described as being pretty much flat. Like I mentioned in a previous post, I knew the competition from last year wasn't the greatest, so I felt I had a good chance in winning an award.

So everything I just told you, really didn't work out quite as my pre-game planning had thought. First of all, the race was SO not flat. I would call this course a rolling hills course. I saw the elevation profile, but based on the description I didn't think it would be so bad. I didn't pace myself for rolling hills at all.

Second of all, everyone else must have came out today thinking they were going to get a medal as well, because the time that took first place for women would have only gotten you 6th today. This race had the fastest kids you ever did see. Today I got beat by two thirteen year old girls, one sixteen year old, one seventeen year old, and one ELEVEN year old! I was 8th overall for women but only 2 adult women beat me. Talk about a humbling experience.

But anyways, back to the race. I started off pretty strong and finished the first mile in just under a 7 minute mile pace. I have a hard time slowing down in that first mile and that is a bad downfall of mine. I burn out on that first mile and lose steam there after. Problem #2 of the day came at the turn around at about mile 1.5, but I didn't know it was a problem until the end of the race. My Garmin decided to drop signal for a bit and I was on the wrong screen and didn't see this. Because of this my distance was off by .2 making my average pace off by a lot. Stupid Robin, was on the wrong screen....I was only looking at my current lap and lap pace, not my total time. Because of the problems, mile 2 kept reading slow. I thought I was pushing the same pace but my pace was not showing that on my Garmin. Because of my pace reading slower, I let my mind take over. I kept telling myself that maybe I can't do 5k's, maybe I am not in the correct shape that I thought I was, and there is no way that I am going to get a PR so why push harder. So I kept running but not as hard as I could have gone as I thought my PR was out the window. So the last 2 miles I just pushed and pushed, very confused by the pace on my Garmin and very frustrated with myself. I came up the last hill and headed for the finish line, not in a sprint like I normally would for the last quarter of a mile. I rounded the corner and saw the clock a very short distance away. The clock was under 23 minutes, I was going to PR but it was too late to make it a good PR. I sprinted the last 7 seconds and finished in 22:52, a PR of 7 seconds.

So I should be happy I PR'd right? Well I am not. This was far from a Personal Best. I did not work as hard as I knew I could. I let my silly mind talk me into slowing down and not finishing out the race. Had I gone faster in the final stretch, who knows how much more time I could have taken off, but I won't know until after I attempt another 5k, and who knows when that will be, because I now know, I hate 5k's.

But I did get 1st in my Age Group. :) So I did take home a medal which my girls were pretty excited about. Bridget kept telling me that I didn't win, so she didn't understand why I got called up for a medal. I came back, proud of myself and she said "Mommy, you won?" with the most puzzled look on her face. Thank goodness I wasn't in that under 18 age group. :)

The lesson I will take from today is that I can't let my mind get me down. I keep telling my husband that, that is what the key to finishing the marathon is, don't listen to your mind. Here I listened to my mind and messed up my day. Overall, I am happy I had this experience, so that I can remind myself what I will go through at TCM.

The beginning of the race...Look at all the young speed demons.

This is moments before I realized that I was going to PR, look how lazy I was running.

Crossing the finish line.

My girls and I waiting for the award ceremony. Bridget probably ran a 5k running in the field.


Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

Interesting PR vs. PB. When I was 19 I got 19:30...will that ever happen, NOPE!!! But today I counted my race as a PR and I was PUMPED!! I hope that you can look back and be HAPPY.. Congrats! Weird about the young girls

mamasweeds said...

I like the PR vs. PB too, I've heard of the PB but didn't really know what the difference was.

Nonetheless, congrats on a PR. I swear I learn something at EVERY race. I hope you didn't beat yourself up too much. Take it for what it's worth and move on. Look back at how far you've come! Not to mention the great example you set for the girls. You rock mama!

robinbb said...

I am happy and not beating myself up. I am just kind of annoyed with myself, but obviously I am still happy I did get a PR. Definitely a lesson learned.

Caroline said...

Funny how technology can be such a great tool, but at times a hinderance.

I hope you can look back and be thrilled that you came 1st place in your age group, that is such an amazing accomplishment.

I know what you mean about wishing you'd pushed that little extra bit to see where you could have come in, but you still had such a great finish!! Congrats!!!!

Matt (No Meat Athlete) said...

You know what, I hate 5k's too. I swear the pain of a 5k is worse than that of a marathon. Or at least, the thrill of the marathon makes it feel better.

A PR is a PR though, so congrats! You are brave doing this so close to the big day; I'm scared to do anything now!

aron said...

hey you still got a PR and won your age group!! nothing to be disappointed about :) you were just saving that extra race juice for marathon day!