Tuesday, September 22, 2009

One last 20 MIler

So on Sunday, I set out for 17 miles and ended up doing 20. Yes, I know I was supposed to be tapering, but my husband was running 20 and I figured I would just finish out his run with him. I am so happy I did run with him as my confidence was brought back up from that run. We didn't run as fast as I normally do, but it was a very enjoyable and strong run. I have read a lot of people who argue for 3 week tapers vs. 2 week tapers, and so I figured it couldn't hurt to run one last 20 miler. My legs are still a little sore 2 days later, but I did run a 5k the day before the run.

Since we are now under 2 weeks until my goal marathon of the season, I have begun thinking about what is next. I am perfectly aware that I may not meet my goal of making it to Boston this year, so I wanted to find something that I could look forward to, so that my heart isn't broken too badly on October 4th if the stars don't align correctly. In December I turn 30, so I wanted to do something big. I looked around at a bunch of December marathons, especially California International Marathon as I know that is a great BQ race, but I still have hopes that I won't need to BQ at this race. I already did Honolulu and I can't talk my husband into returning to Hawaii this year, so that was out. I have done Disney the past 2 years and while I love the Disney Marathon, again, I wasn't sure if that was a big enough celebration for turning 30.

So the verdict is in, I am going to Go Goofy! I am so excited. The Goofy Challenge is the half marathon on Saturday and the full marathon on Sunday at Walt Disney World. The Disney Marathon will always hold a special place in my heart as it was my first marathon and I feel this will be a good way to celebrate such a huge milestone in my life. Of course I decided about 2 weeks too late to do the Goofy Challenge as it filled at the end of August, so I had to sign up through a tour company. They say they still have spots available but they make you send in a check instead of paying online. So now I wait for my confirmation that I am actually in the race. Luckily the tour company is based out of Boston, so they will receive my check tomorrow and I was in contact with the company as of yesterday and let them know my check is in the mail.

I have no idea how I plan to train for this race or how I will run it. I am hoping that the Twin Cities Marathon goes well, so I won't be tempted to try and BQ at Disney the day after a half marathon. I will probably have a plan figured out to start November 1st, so look for that in the future.

So anyways, that is my future plans after October. Now I just have to sit and rest. So far my legs are really enjoying the break, but my mind isn't enjoying it as much. I did 7 this morning and only 4 tomorrow. 4 miles! I haven't had a 4 mile day in my training plan in so long. All I do is look up race weather, read the race packet, read race reports, and stare at the Twin Cities Marathon specific recommended pace chart for a 3:40 marathon. I really don't like the idea of starting out that much slower than my goal marathon pace and then have so many miles below it. I realize it is specific to the hills on the course, but this chart has been making me go back and forth as to my plan. I will probably just stick to my gut and run however my body takes me that day like I did in Vermont.

Have a great week and please check out Tall Mom on the Run for a giveaway.


aron said...

glad the 20 miler helped your confidence, you are SO ready!!!

CIM is my back up right now, its the best race!! so if Oct 4th isnt the day, I hope Dec 6th is!! (yay our oct races are the same day!)

goofy will be awesome :)

alibaby said...

So exciting that you're getting so close! Holly from the Healthyeverythingtarian.com is running Twin Cities too, (not sure if you've ever read her blog) it will be her first.

I was just telling someone about the Goofy challenge the other day, what a fun way to celebrate your 30th! And that you get to escape the cold in December!

alibaby said...

That comment is me - Alison. For whatever reason I'm getting an OpenID error when trying to comment through wordpress!

Jessica @ JJsVinBlanc said...

Thanks so much for your follow-up comment, what a compliment! I feel very honored and flattered that your hubby enjoyed two recipes from my blog on his b-day :)