Saturday, September 5, 2009

My day in pictures

Today I did a 5k. I was shooting for a PR as is everyone when they do a race, but I knew from the elevation chart for the course that I wouldn't PR and I was right. I missed my best 5k time by 10 seconds which wasn't bad as I slowed down for the last .8 miles big time as there was a major hill. There was a total climb of 189 feet in the last mile and I lost about 45 seconds going up the hill. So in my head I PR'd by 30 seconds as I was cruising along great up until the end. I even had something left in the tank when I was done as I was conserving my energy for the hill. I placed 30th overall and about 7th out of females. I don't know the exact results as they aren't posted yet, but I think there were around 185 people.

I have been having shoe troubles this past week. While in Florida I bought a new pair of shoes and didn't even wear them until I got home. So basically I have been wearing them 2 weeks. Well, I feel like something is defective with them as my feet are rolling out while wearing them and I am getting major blisters as I am feeling weird bumps in the shoes. After the race I went to a running store to buy a new pair and the soles feel nothing like the ones that have been giving me problems. My hubby is thinking I had a defective pair. Defective pairs of shoes are so not cool when they cost $120 and you bought them in Florida.

Heading for the finish line...

Eric set a major PR as he hasn't ran a 5k in 2 years. He dropped about 3 minutes off his time, but I know he could have gone faster, he is a cautious runner. He placed 50th overall.

My sister kicking butt. She has lost over 50 pounds this year and will be running her first marathon in October with me. I think she PR'd by a few minutes as well placing 56th overall.

My sister and my favorite Munchkin, Kenny.

Eric and I after the race hanging out waiting for the awards ceremony. Eric won a door prize! I was sporting my No Meat Athlete shirt today, although it was a little too warm for it, I was excited to wear it.

My official race photographer and fans for the day.

And finally, this race got a ton of sponsors and not nearly enough people to eat all the samples, so they had a ton of food. They told us to take as much as we wanted so we kept going back and back and back. You all know how expensive Lara Bars are and how yummy they are so check out my stash.


Caroline said...

Yay on the PR!!!

Love that stash of Lara Bars - aren't they great :)

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

NICe stash. Congrats to your sister for the 50lbs and the PR. Way to go speedy!!

Hugs and glad you are feeling better. Cool shirt..

Matt said...

Nice job in the 5k! Although that's awful with the shoes. I've never heard of defective shoes, though I guess there's defective everything.

That's awesome that you wore a No Meat Athlete shirt! I'll link here tomorrow to show people.

mamasweeds said...

Congrats on a great race, even if it wasn't a PR! Love the NMA shirt and HOLY LARABAR STASH! That race entry just paid for itself baby!

I would totally call the shoe store in FL and explain to them what's going on with new shoes. Maybe other people are experiencing the same thing with them and they giving refunds, etc. At least call! Or call the shoe company too. For $120 I would definitely call somebody!