Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My BQ Present

So I obsess about running. Big surprise huh? I read everything there is to read about running. New products, I jump right on the wagon and purchase what we can afford. Is there a cool destination race? I am totally there. Next month, I am hoping to qualify for Boston. This would be a huge thing for me as it was while watching the Boston Marathon over 2 years ago on TV that I decided I was going to run a marathon. I was obese at the time and hadn't run in years, but I knew I could run a marathon.

Living in the Boston area is a bonus for me in terms of motivation as I have been able to go to the Expo's for the past 2 years and just stare at all the amazing athletes. I want to be one of those amazing athletes. There are many spots offered to local runners if you know the right person. I have a feeling, if I looked hard enough, I could run Boston without qualifying, but I refuse to do Boston without earning my spot. I want to be at that starting line with other athletes who worked as hard as I have to get to Hopkinton. Would you run Boston if you were offered an entry?

So here I am, 96 pounds lighter and getting ready to run Twin Cities Marathon and hope to cross that finish line in under 3:40:59. On my run today, I imagined that moment and almost started crying. Crazy, yes I am, but so excited. I told my sister-in-law that she may be embarrassed to watch me cross, if I qualify for Boston. I will probably look like a fool because of all the bottled up excitement I will let loose.

Now, I realize, it may not be my day and I may not qualify. That is fine with me, as I know I will be signed up for another race within a few hours and I will get to Boston. Qualifying for Boston is my A goal, meaning, everything has to go perfect that day for me to finish in the correct time. I think I will actually be happy with my B goal, which is a 3:45. Yes, I won't be running Boston with that time, but it is a huge step towards Boston. I am not saying I won't be disappointed if I don't qualify, but I am well aware of how hard it is thus my other goals. Goal C, is to beat my Vermont time of 3:55. As long as I don't crash and have to walk, I know that I can handle that.

Since, I keep thinking about my future 3:40 marathon, I have picked out my present to myself for qualifying. (Note, I probably will still buy these for my birthday if I don't qualify. My birthday is in December, so I guess my punishment is 2 extra months of waiting.) Meet, Newton.

These beautiful shoes are Newton Running Shoes. These are not the exact pair I am getting for sure, as I plan on going to a retailer and trying them out, but I am for sure switching to Newton's. Newton Running really focuses on forefoot running which is how I learned to run. Forefoot running is a more natural way to run and Newton Running really focuses on healthy running. You can read A LOT about Newton's and forefoot running on Brandon's Marathon. Brandon is a huge fan of Newton's and talks about them all the time on his Podcast. I had thought about switching shoes long before I found his podcast, but now I am much more excited to try them out. The shoes are not cheap, but you can definitely look around online and find them for a smaller price tag.

So 3:40, please come my way, as I really want some new shoes. You can bet I will be thinking about those shoes when I am mentally talking myself out of slowing down.


mamasweeds said...

When I was training for my marathon last year I remember imagining crossing the finish line and it gave me goosebumps. In reality when I crossed the line I broke down and sobbed as soon as I crossed the line with my family there cheering me on and being there to hug me. I want to cry now just thinking about it! I never expect so much emotion over a race.

Those shoes look cool, I've never heard of them before or forefoot running for that matter. I love that you've got a BQ present in mind though. Fun!

Sir Isaac said...

Just found your blog Robin!

Good luck on your 'BQ' and let us know when you pull the trigger on your new Newtons. We're confident you'll love them and they'll help you go further, faster!

Sir Isaac, Newton Running

aron said...

wow 96 lbs?! you have come a long way and are sooo ready for this race!! keep up the great work and you WILL be there!

Kristina said...

I always say there are 2 ways to qualify for Boston: meeting the qualifying standard or raising money for charity--both of which are laudable accomplishments and both of which are earned places on the starting line.

Good luck with your BQ chase, and regardless of your time, you should consider a charity for Boston. It makes the experience that much better. Have a great race!

robinbb said...

Kristina--I obviously agree that charity runners earn their spot at Boston. I would love to run for a charity if I knew that I could raise the money. I hesitate as it is a huge commitment and one I don't have as much control over.

Matt (No Meat Athlete) said...

All of this is so similar to what I'm thinking about as we get closer to race day too. Just like you, when I think about qualifying while I'm running, my eyes well up. And if I don't qualify, I have another one in mind a month later where I can try again.

AND I really want to get a pair of forefront or minimal shoes and start using them as soon as I'm done with my marathon (probably too risky to start beforehand). Picking them up ahead of time, as extra incentive, is a great idea!