Saturday, August 1, 2009

Internet, What is Wrong With You?

This entire week has been a very spotty week of Internet....I have had no updates as every time I go to post something, it goes down. Every time I start reading someone's blog, it goes down and I barely get to read it, let alone comment. Let me tell you, for someone addicted to blogging, this has been a hard week for me. I am going crazy!

My running went really well this week. Wednesday I did 15 miles on a killer hill and I felt pretty strong. My feet were killing me the rest of the week, but new shoes fixed it. Yesterday I did 13 and again felt fine and today I did 7 quick miles and felt strong. Today our humidity finally decided to drop so I credit that to my good run.

I did develop a nasty blister sometime this week, and thought I would recommend what is working for me. The blister is in between my toes, next to my big toe. It is pretty big and hurts to walk on it. I bought a pack of Band-Aid Blister Cushions on a whim, because I was desperate and didn't want to lose any training. They form to your skin, like skin and really cushion the blister. While walking throughout the first day, the blister started to feel better. On my run the next day, I didn't feel it, for 13 miles! The blister is still there, but I am able to run through it and I haven't had to pop it like I was tempted to. So, if you haven't tried it and you have a yucky blister, try it!

Sorry I didn't go into too much detail, I want to get this posted before my Internet drops again. I am reading as much as I can the rest of your blogs, hopefully things will be back to normal.

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mamasweeds said...

I've used those bandaid blister cushions before, they definitely work! Glad it's helping.

Sorry about the spotty internet connection, so frustrating. I go through blogwithdrawal too.

NoMeatAthlete said...

Thanks for the Band Aid tip Robin! I'm battling a blister now in fact, and have a 20 miler coming up that's worrying me. Did you wear the blister cushion during the run, or just before it?

So sorry to hear about your fall, those pictures look really bad. I've never fallen while running, but it seems that whenever people do, it's not pretty.

aron said...

grrrr i hate when the internet is annoying!!

my foot was bugging this week too, but new shoes always do the trick :)

chris mcpeake said...

sounds like an internet conspiracy to me. I hate when service sucks. will have to try the bilster cushion. Usually pop it and then use second skin myself

PikaPikaChick said...

Next time you get a blister try putting a layer of superglue on it. Seriously. It's like magic.

robinbb said...

pikapikachick--Thanks for commenting, I may have to try that out, this is the longest lasting blister ever.