Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Great Customer Service!

So I am hoping I figured out my Internet problem, at least temporarily until my husband gets a new card for my computer. This past week I had my Garmin antenna attached to my computer to download my workouts. If you don't have one, it connects my Garmin wirelessly to the computer and downloads my workouts. The antenna works great, my Garmin can be in the kitchen and I will hear it downloading to my computer that is in a totally different room. Today, being frustrated as I have been for the past week, I thought about the antenna and unplugged it. Such a simple thing, but so far so good, I am on the Internet for now.

My past 2 runs have been better than great since I last reported. Sunday I did 16 miles with 12 at marathon pace. I was very worried for this run as obviously marathon pace is the key to getting my Boston qualifying time. So I shot for an 8:25 pace for those 12 miles and they were easy. Yes, I repeat, EASY! I remember my first marathon pace run in the last cycle where I was trying to maintain a 9:00 pace and it wasn't too hard and I finally was convinced that I could maintain that pace. Well after a 67 mile week, I was impressed with my legs for pounding out 12 miles at that pace. I did the full 16 miles in 2:19 with an average of 8:37. My only complaint was my new water belt. I bought a Camelbak because I needed more water. Well, I didn't tighten it enough and it bounced, the entire run. I now have 2 beautiful bruises on my back. I guess I learned something on that run.

Today I had 9 General Aerobic miles scheduled for the beginning of my cut-back week. I was feeling really drained of energy yesterday so wasn't sure how I would come out on this run. I managed an 8:57 average pace for a total time of 1:19 for 9 miles. I was cruising! I always feel like faster paces are easier after tougher workouts like Sunday's, so I wasn't surprised that I could do that. My blister was still annoying me during the run, but it is almost gone, hopefully!

Speaking of my new Camelbak, I also purchased some PowerBar gels from Running Warehouse last week. I love ordering from Running Warehouse as they offer free 2 day shipping and their prices are pretty good. Well I got my package 2 days later as promised and my box of gels was saturated with the gel. It looked like half the package exploded and everything was sticking to each other. Yuck, not fun. So I emailed Running Warehouse yesterday about exchanging them and they immediately emailed me back saying I could keep that box and see what I could salvage out of the mess and they had another box shipped out to me that afternoon! Even if I only salvage half the box, that saves me $10 in purchasing new gels. AWESOME customer service! Please don't hesitate to check Running Warehouse when shopping online for your running things.

So yeah, a slightly longer post and my Internet is still behaving! We leave for our road trip on Saturday that we are taking for our 5 year anniversary! I am really excited, but also scared for running in new places. We are staying in Maryland and Georgia on the way down and I have a 15 mile run scheduled for Maryland. I found a great trail in Orlando which will be great for my scheduled 22 miler, but the heat will be quite an obstacle.

If anyone has any good, easy Vegetarian recipes/meal ideas, I would really appreciate it! We are camping but have a stove and oven and will have a grill when we get to Florida. I am looking for ideas as we are trying to avoid eating out as much as possible. Thanks guys!


Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

YIPPEE for easy runs and you WILL BQ with that dedication..AMAZING Robin!! Good to know about Running Warehouse thanks.

Have a safe trip, happy anniversary.

Ruth Rogers said...

I hate when running and they stuff you are carrying starts bouncing around!

mamasweeds said...

WOO HOO I can't wait to watch you BQ! The proof is in the pudding!

When we travel, hummus is a must have. It's my easiest traveling vegetarian food. It can be a snack, a meal, can be eaten with crackers, raw veggies, on bread as sandwich filler. I make my own but you can of course buy it too.

NoMeatAthlete said...

67 mile week, that's incredible! I don't think I've ever done more than 45.

I've heard that about the Camelbacks before; I'd love to hear how it works once you tighten it up more.

NoMeatAthlete said...

I forgot to write about easy vegetarian recipes. You might have seen these energy bars on my blog: http://www.nomeatathlete.com/healthy-dessert-recipes/homemade-energy-bars/
They were so handy on our last vacation, for the car and even once we got there. Of course, you'd have to make them in advance.

You could do lentil burgers, also something you'd probably make in advance and just keep cold until it's time to cook them. The blog Reluctant Veggie has a good recipe.

Where are you staying in Maryland? (That's where I live.)

aron said...

AWESOME job on the training!!!!! you are doing SO great! 67 miles?!?! I am trying to hit 60 this week and I dont think its going to happen, I am struggling! you are doing amazing though, cant wait to see you BQ at your marathon!!!