Monday, July 13, 2009

A Weekend Without Technology

This past weekend we went on our first family camping trip. I am not a camper, but I will do it because my husband loves it. Next month we are road tripping all the way to Disney for our anniversary and camping, so we wanted to test out the waters with our 2 and 4 year old girls. They absolutely loved it.

We left Friday afternoon, later than I had wanted and my husband thought he was going to work the entire way there while on a conference call in the back seat. I was irritated with this, but figured we were going away for the weekend, I can give up a 2 hours car ride. 18 miles into the drive and someone is pointing at my car, and I thought, what did I do, and then I started feeling the vibrating. Flat tire! It was already 5:30 and we are almost 2 hours away from the campground and we have a flat tire. It took me a long time to prepare for this trip as I wanted to plan healthy meals that I could cook, obviously avoiding meat....My first weekend away as a vegetarian. I was so scared that we would have to cancel our trip and all my hard work would go to waste. But alas, a shop was open and we drove ever so slowly on our donut. While we were waiting, the mechanic came out and said our rear brakes were gone and we needed to replace them. So here, our $36 weekend now turned into $650! But we were cool, we knew this was a normal maintenance cost and would happen eventually so we just had our peanut butter sandwiches and grapes and waited for our weekend to begin.

After our 2 hours in the shop, we were back on the road and finally arrived at the campground around 9:30. It was dark but we got the tent up quickly and somehow the kids went straight to bed without a problem. So we made it and were ready to begin our trip.

The next morning we woke up and had our normal oatmeal and I got ready to go on my recovery 5 mile run. We chose this campground because of all the trails that they had on the map. We obviously, didn't know the elevation of the trails, so I noted a very up and down 5 mile recovery run. Nothing too terrible, and it did allow me to run the correct pace. Eric did his 4 mile recovery run and the kids just played around the campsite.

After that we went to Plymouth, Massachusetts to see the Mayflower and Plymouth Rock. Living in Massachusetts for 6 years, I am surprised we hadn't made the trip here yet. Plymouth was beautiful and what a beautiful day for a walk along the ocean. We got back to the campsite and I made some jumbalaya from Eat, Drink, & Be Vegan cookbook and we had smores. I know marshmallows are not vegetarian, but I haven't had time to make my own yet and who can go camping without having marshmallows?!

The next morning was my long run of 15 miles. It is a cutback week, only 55 miles this week. (55 miles was my peak last cycle and now I am saying it is my cutback week, crazy!) The trails came to haunt me on this run. The entire run seemed like it was uphill and curvy. I love hills usually, but mainly because I know I get to come back down, but unfortunately there wasn't much coming back down. And the curvy trail was doing a number on my knees. So needless to say, my legs were beat this morning when I woke up. Overall, the run was beautiful, and the challenge was great as I didn't feel like I slacked at all this week. And my long run pace was much closer to where it should be, as I usually run too fast. After my run, I threw together some peppers with some pinto beans, and eggs, to get some protein back in me.

So my first weekend camping was a success for eating and running. I am a creature of habit so learning to eat healthy while having a tiny stove and running on unfamiliar trails is very scary to me, but I proved to myself that I can handle our long road trip next month. And the kids, they loved everything. They even slept through a pretty bad storm on Saturday night which soaked other tents, but we stayed dry, thanks to my husband's researching our tent purchase.

I will put pictures up later this week. This week we are back on track for a 65+ mile week so I am sure I will be exhausted and sore, but hopefully moving in the right direction for the Twin Cities Marathon.


Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

Good work getting out of your comfort zone!! I LOVE camping..

Bummer about the tire, those unexpected costs bugg me to no end.

mamasweeds said...

I can't believe the way your weekend started out. I love though that you seemed to take in stride and it didn't let it ruin your trip.

I've never done a long run while on vacation, I feel like I need so much mental prep for it, I always try to get them in before we go or once we get back.

Can't wait to see pics! And road tripping all the way to Disney from MA sounds really fun!