Friday, July 17, 2009

Summer is Finally Here

Summer finally hit New England and I enjoyed my first 80+ degree run today. It was a hot one. I decided to go to the trail so that I could go without a shirt. I am not one to run in just a sports bra, but I had 11 miles on the schedule and there was no way I was going to overheat on this run.

I pretty much negative splitted the entire run. My goal pace was 9:30 as according to Pfitz, the medium-long runs should be at long-run pace. That was not going to happen. I started out at 9:20 pace, but by the end I was pulling 8:30 miles. I was having too much fun cruising along. So my final time for 11 miles was 1:38 and an average of 9:01. Too fast, but today my legs felt fine, so I don't think my legs will have a hard time recovering from it.

The kids took daddy to get some ice cream, so mommy had some quiet time, for a short short time. They are already back and I better get back to the little monsters before they get ice cream all over my clean kitchen.

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