Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Shut up & Run

So today I had a 14 mile medium-long run on the schedule. Based on Sunday's pain on the hills, I figured I better continue to add hills into my training or I won't have so much fun on Summit Ave at the Twin Cities Marathon. Sooooooo, I went on my fun 14 mile run which has a terrible hill at mile 9. The first 8 miles, were a piece of cake. I was running the rolling hills without a problem and thought to myself, "why would I be worried?" And then the hill hit.

I have a cold and asthma, so to begin with, that is not a fun breathing situation. Hills after a good tempo run the day before also doesn't equal fun. By the time I got to the top of that thing I was hacking up a lung. I maintained a 9:30 pace going up the hill, so I thought this was ok, and continued on. The next 5 miles were brutal. I averaged 9:30+ pace, which is on target for a long run so that is fine, but I felt like crap. I kept questioning myself on why I run marathons, why do I put myself through so much pain. I thought, maybe I should cut my run short and only do 13 today. Luckily I can talk in circles to myself because by the time I was done talking, I completed my 14 miles and crawled into my house to some hungry girls.

I have said it before but I must reiterate, running is harder mentally for me than anything. I honestly can handle all the running, I have only truly hit the wall once, it was a great time at the Twin Cities Marathon. It is my mind that is always screwing me up and telling me that I need to slow down or quit. At Disney I had many conversations with myself in the Porta-Potty, trying to figure out if I was going to finish on that day. I wish I could just tell myself to shut up and run!


Caroline said...

I love how you were talking round and round till you ended up doing the entire run :)

And the pace for the hills is quite impressive, you'd be leaving me in the dust there!

mamasweeds said...

I find myself doing the same thing, especially toward the end of long runs... questioning WHY I'm doing this, what's the point. But then I get home and I'm so happy I did it.

Way to go on finishing up your last 5 miles.